Multi Profit Websites – Your Questions Answered!

mpwAs you probably already know Multi Profit Websites (MPW) launches on Tuesday the 27th of October.

Myself and John Thornhill have spent almost 3 years and well over $100,000 developing this product, that we hope will help all you guys out there that struggle to create your own websites.

Multi Profit Websites really is the website anyone can build, without any previous skill or knowledge  in 3 easy steps.

We started pre-launch last week and if you haven’t seen our first video you can check it out here:

In that video you will find out how John and I got started and also how powerful MPW really is!

Since we launched that video we have had a ton of questions.

Here are some of the most common questions that we have had, If you have a question please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Q: Is there a limit to how many websites I can create?

A: No, with our multi user license you can create as many websites as you wish. In fact we encourage you to create as many websites as possible. After all it is possible to create a niche website in well under 30 minutes so you have no excuse for not creating hundreds of sites.

Q: Who hosts the sites?

A: You do, they are your sites and we want you to have full control, this means you host all of the sites you create yourself. Don’t worry if you’ve never hosted a site before as we show you exactly what to do.

Q: How will I generate an income from the websites I create?

A: With Multi Profit Websites it is possiblle to generate an income from the best performing affiliate programs such as eBay, Clickbank, Amazon, Google, Commission Junction and/or a selection of pre selected website affiliate programs (fully customizable) and any other website affiliate programs or your own products. You can even sell your own eBay products from your website! However, the beauty of MPW is you can add/remove as much content as you wish so you really are in full control. Unlike other website builders you are not tied down to one specific affiliate program. In fact if you wish you can remove every affiliate program and just build a content website. It’s up to you.

Q: Will my website be completely 100% unique?

A: Yes! With our Multi Profit Websites easy edit feature, you can create your own 100% unique content niche website. The admin WYSIWYG control panel will allow you to edit your website, add your own content, your own keywords and your own articles. In a nutshell you can edit all your website settings to make your website is targeted to your own personal niche.

Q: I am a complete newbie, will I have any problems?

A: The website has been designed with the beginner in mind. Each and every aspect of the website has been created to make your Multi Profit Websites experience as simple as possible. Simply login to your control panel and edit your website settings. Each setting includes step by step instructions and we also have a video walk through. It really is as easy as 1.2.3

Q: What are the requirements needed for the website?

A: You will need your own domain name and hosting service. Don’t worry if you don’t have hosting as we will walk you through the whole setup process.

Q: Will my website be database driven?

A: No, MPW does not require the installation of complicated databases. The website has been specifically designed not to be database driven, to make it as easy as possible to manage your website.

Q: There are multiple affiliate programs included by default with Multi Profit Websites. What if I do not or cannot include one of the programs, e.g. Google’s AdSense program?

A: You have the ability to pick and choose which companies you wish to use to promote products as an affiliate, e.g. If you do not want to promote Amazon products, no problem, you simply uncheck the Amazon check box!

Q: How do I get help if I need it?

A: We have our own dedicated helpdesk for Multi Profit Websites, to help you out whenever needed, you can contact us at the helpdesk here.

Q: Can I see some example websites.

A: Sure, watch the video at and you will see a ton of websites created using Multi Profit Websites

Q: I have another question.

A: No problem, either contact support or leave a comment below and we’ll personally answer your question.

As usual, please feel free to comment, and also, re-tweet this post from the button above to be entered into the $100 ‘tweet’ competition.



42 thoughts on “Multi Profit Websites – Your Questions Answered!”

  1. Hi Dave

    I’m looking forward to the launch, I personally make my full time income using Affiliate Websites and this looks like a very exciting product., I currently use WordPress/BANS however the fact that this will allow use of multiple affiliate programs is great.

    As I say I’m looking forward to seeing more of the features close up


    1. Hey Guys,

      Cheers for the comments, we have already added another major addition to MPW, we’ll be telling you more about it, among other things over the next week or so.



  2. Hi Dave

    Thanks for the Q&A.

    I’ve been lucky enough to have a look behind the scenes of MPW.

    For anyone thinking about this, let me tell you, I am as non-techie as they come and I have to say the admin panel is really user friendly and easy for even me to understand. Like most things once you’ve done them a few times it becomes much easier.

    Excellent work Dave & John, I wish you both every success with the launch.


  3. Dave,
    You guys make it so easy as pushing a button. Wish you make a button to push that kick me in my butt. I have all these ideas in my head, but to get motivated is my problem. I need to make money and broke and out of work in the U. S.. But this time I hope you guys have motivated me enough to “Just Do It” thanks a bunch…
    Reg B.
    American Die Hard Friend

  4. Bravo! This is indeed the answer to my problem. As you can see I do not have my own website as yet and to think that I can also build websites in different niches and make money is great.

    I looked at your presentation and I am like you two guys, hoping to change my life. Internet Marketing initially, is very time consuming, therefore as soon as I can cover what I earn presently I can stay at home and have time to invest in many other projects, hence making the “multiple streams” a reality. You could make my dreams come true faster. This is like having Christmas in October.

    I am anxiously looking forward to this.

  5. The fact that you guys are offering this kind of support before the product even goes live speaks volumes about the quality level that you operate at. To me, that means Multi Profit Websites is going to be the best thing since high-speed Internet!

    1. @ Reg – Lol, I’ll work on the butt kicking button! 🙂

      @ Naomi – Thanks for your great comments, I’m sure this is going to help a lot of people, much like yourself to reach their goals a lot quicker! 🙂

      @ Ken – Yeah man, we are really going all out to help the end user here, thanks for appreciating that.

      @ Alan – Thanks for your compliments, the cost will be $197 during the launch period, not sure exactly how long that will last, it all depends on demand.



  6. Dave I really can’t wait for this to go live, can I have access now please?
    Pretty please?
    Best wishes,
    Jules x

  7. Hi Dave,

    You and John really have hit the nail on the head here, this is going to be truly fantastic!
    Like many other, I really, really LOVE the look of this product.

    I also LOVE you guys! No, not in that way! 😉
    I love you for your honesty and sincerity.

    Good luck on your launch, I’m looking forward to it.


  8. This software looks just like what I need to build my online presence. Because of the difficulties of creating websites, I have not created that many sites, and those that have been created are not of the same calibre as those that you are making.

    I am looking forward to the 27th October and am hoping that your product wqill not be too expensive for everyone’s pockets (including mine).

    Good luck with your launch.


  9. Well this is the definitive product we have all been looking for so I wish you a LOT of success with your launch! Will it be possible to incorporate a blog into each website, perhaps using a wordpress interface? Will it be possible to have lots of extra pages of free reports and articles so 1. visitors have a valuable free resource and 2. the content attracts brownie points with google page ranking etc?

  10. Hi Dave,

    You Guys absolutely ROCK!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the awesome graphics, and thank you to you and John so much for allowing me inside to create a test site.

    I agree with Steve, as a non techie, the admin is awesome and really simple to use! I like the fact that you have videos showing step by step how to do everything in the membership area. I love the fact that we can make the sites unique to us, plus we can make as many as we want, the ideas are endless…… And not to mention the really cool graphics that Steve makes for a very cheap price! 😎

    This concept is perfect for someone like me!!!!!! A mum at home trying to create a business online around the 2 year old that has decided she doesn’t want to sleep! 😯

    Good luck with the official launch, I am sure it will be a hit plus!!!!!

    Jacinta 😀

  11. Dave,
    Fantastic, what a great product. I’m really looking forward to the launch. Thanks for answering many of the questions I had. I’m not a techie so I know I’m going to love building multiple sites so easily.

  12. Hi Dave/John,

    Well what can I say I also have been one of the “chosen ones” to have a sneek peek at
    “Multi Profit Websites” and have to say the following:
    I am not getting my copy for free I have to pay, also I cannot get access to it early so its the 27th for me as well nor am I getting anything for this input.

    I just want to say to all the Affilitates out there wheather you are a seasoned campaigner or a complete newbie this product will be without a doubt be the best thing to land on your desk in the last several years….GET IT!!!!

    It is so intutituve to use and is the most user friendly I have seen in a long long time allowed my 14 year old son Jake to have a play and he had built a site in 20 minutes (show off)….

    It will make you rethink the way you build and market your affiliate websites its even faster than setting up a wordpress I have also had a look at the new additions been added and for the price I have seen Dave and John are offering it at you would be MAD not too purchase it…

    If you want to ask me anything as a user with an independent view please feel freee to contact me at or by phone 01454 270279

    Best Regards

    Sam Walker

  13. Dave,
    I can’t wait til the launch. Knowing that you are behind this creation, I know it is going to be easy to use…which, to a non techie is ultimately important! I have so many of your programs and you make every one so easy to follow and implement. Anytime you come up with something you get my attention.
    What a great story you guys told in your video. I so related to everything you said. And, I came away believing if you guys can escape the corporate world and make it online so can I!
    Thanks for the motivating, educating and inspiring video. You are the best at what you do!
    Looking forward to the launch…

    1. What can I say everybody, except ‘thanks’ for all your great comments.
      Sorry I can’t personally reply to all of them, as you know, launch day is fast approaching and I still have sooooo much to do!
      John is actually doing some work too! 😉
      If you guys need any help or info at all then we have a dedicated helpdesk for MPW. Our support team there will be more than happy to answer your questions.

      Yes Leslie, the $197 is a one time only fee, though it may not last for long, so if you want in act fast!
      Thanks for your testimonial Sam, much appreciated.



  14. This sounds like one of the best programs I have come across. John Thornhill will not produce anything less than the best program. This is going to open a lot of opportunities for those who are new to Internet marketing and for those who are experienced.

    I am definitely looking forward to the launch! This one will be hit out of the park.

  15. Hi Dave/John,

    This product does look great. I have seen some of both of you guys products and have always been impressed with the products and the great customer service.

    My only concern (not complaint) is a quite personal one. As a person who has a hearing loss, and as a member of John’s Membership Monthly mentor program, I really struggle sometimes with understanding John on the videos. Love an English accent, but sometimes can’t get the words clearly. Any thoughts to also creating text files of the videos for others like me?

    Thanks for your fine efforts to help others make it in IM.

    Tim Cumberland

  16. Dave/John,
    I have the same question as Tim Cumberland will there be tex files created for the videos? Due to my hearing loss I can’t understand any audio/video tutorials.

    Anthony Chu

    1. Hey Tim/Anthony,

      I understand what you are saying, I will look into having the promo videos transcripted as soon as I can.
      However, people who decide to purchase WILL have video AND text tutorials, among many other tools inside the members area.

      Hope this helps.



  17. Hi Dave,

    This looks great. A real change from the usual marketing products. This actually does the techy stuff for you which I’d say is probably one of the biggest obstacles for newbies alongside the other biggie which is generating traffic.


  18. Dave–just wondering if you could add to the MPW sites the ability to add a “share this” or Facebook or Twitter button/widget. I tried to add a share this and it wouldn’t work. Love the site!

  19. Hi Guys,

    I have spent months searching and reading many websites and reviews on how to make money online, i have read so much my eyes started to fade, and there is so much crap and scam artist on the web. (Prison is the only place for these scumbags)

    Then one day i came across your site, read it and watched the video (awsome). I am a roofer of 28 yrs, and missed the last year of school so i am pretty thick when it comes to websites, design etc. I felt like a rocket sceintist after checking your site out as it is so impresive and looks so simple. when i purchase the system from you and i can make it work anyone can. So when i do get time to start i will keep you up to date on how i am doing so everyone that is like me can see how easy it is.
    As i am also British ( Welsh—but dont think all Welsh people are thick) i will believe and trust you 100%.
    Guys dont know what your eating but i want some.

    Kind Regards

    PS. i have unsubscibed all of my subsriptions, because there is only 1 system to work with and thats yours.
    PSS. My eyes are wide open again i now look like Marti Fellman lol

    1. Hey Kevin,

      I’m pleased you like MPW, it’s great to get your feedback!
      I always speak from the heart, so if I say it’s great, it really is great!
      Since launch we have been working on loads of improvements suggested by customers, so look out for an update over the next couple of weeks! 🙂


  20. Hi Dave,

    With respect to Video training… I give it a thumbs up! And when you combine it with printable transcripts – it’s the perfect training vehicle for me. I really appreciate the ability to pause or replay the video. Not being a quick study – it often takes me a couple of times before I ‘get it’. I much prefer video coupled with printable transcripts to a live presenter.



  21. Does Multi-Profit Website provide tutorials on specifically how to generate income from the designed website? If not, do Dave or John have any other information products which would teach specifically how to generate income from these websites? Thank you very much!

  22. Wow.. awesome products and looking forward in driving more traffics to my websites.However, It seems that I need to do more research on how to make my websites more intresting.Trying to figure out what products to choose to promotes on my websites.
    Anyhow, thank you ,Dave for your kind help supports..God Bless


  23. hey really great products im only new to this just looking arround online marketers blogs really like your site great info in it keep up the good work


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