Tell A Story – 5 Tips To Engage With Your Audience (and Sell Like Crazy)

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Well, that is how Snoopy started out his storytelling. Let’s look at telling stories to engage with your people and some creative ways to generate ideas.

Storytelling is a great way to add to your content.
Use storytelling for:

a) Writing emails to your list
b) Creating a post for your blog
c) Recording a video for your vlog or Youtube
d) Preparing for a podcast
e) Sales letters, posts to social media, and on and on

Once you start to use this technique, you will find numerous ways to use it in your marketing. So, how do you get those ideas flowing for storytelling? Here are five tips.

1) Surprise Your Audience With Pattern Interrupts
Take two unrelated situations and put them together and get people to think out of the box.

Grab their attention!

An example: “How my son’s 50-yard touchdown run can help you grow your Facebook list-building and sales!” Your audience might say “Yeah, right…how is that going to work?)

Well, get this. My son is the punter on the team. He went to punt the football and the defense blocked it. My son was quick in his response and was able to grab the ball and high-tailed it into the endzone.

That is how we need to be with Facebook ads. Stay with me here;) My son missed his first attempt to punt a few yards, but by being ready and quick, he was able to RETARGET, pick up the ball and score. So, always consider using Retargeting in your Facebook ad campaigns and here is the best strategy to do that. (Then you have your link ready for people to click)

2) Write It Down
We all have interesting, fun, irritating, educational things and events happening in our lives every day. Imagine the stories you could tell and how relatable you could be with these stories.

But we are busy and so often forget these life events. Solution: carry a small notebook and make a quick note of the event. You will be amazed at the ideas generated from such a seemingly small thing!

An example: a few months ago I was shopping for a new(er) car. It was a nice sunny day, so I went to local car dealerships to see what was available. Of course, the bad thing about that is having to put up with the “used car salesman”. I encountered 4 salespeople that day. 3 were the typical fast-talking, show and sell, onto the next guy type. One salesperson asked me questions, acted like I was the only person there, and seemed genuinely engaged to get me in the best possible care for my needs.

So, use this type of knowledge to relate to your audience the importance of online customer surveys and quizzes to help them understand what products or services to offer or create. Plus, show them how using quality PLR(Private Label Rights) products can greatly cut the costs and time needed to develop a targeted product. Then, of course, have a quality PLR service available for your audience.

3) Your Peeps Are A Great Resource
Your family and friends. How many stories come from them, your children’s day at school and social interactions, your Mom’s “review” of her latest diet program, your spouse’s encounter with a co-worker, a friend’s latest invention idea. Wow…an endless supply of relatable material.

Now this one should be easy and might actually help you enjoy the next family gathering. Use your visit with family members as a stealth marketing information gathering session.

Let’s say you talk to your nephew, he has a good job and family but always has money worries. Quiz him on why he does not start an online business.

Use this conversation and what you learned to relate to your audience on how to get past their possible fears or what might be holding them back from success.

4) Your Daily Commute or Walk
When driving, walking, biking, etc. pay attention to people, outside advertising, what local shops are doing to grab your attention.

Look at your surroundings in a new way, you will find it not only makes daily life more interesting but brings a daily stream of ideas to tell in a story.

Consider, as you go along, all the thousands of products and services being offered at the stores you pass by. Many of these markets have branded products that are made by another company. Relate your experience to your audience. Help them see how the store focuses on providing quality branded products to its customers.

The key is these store owners do not have to have the expertise or costs to make these products. Show your people how using a quality PLR service can do essentially the same thing. They can brand themselves and provide quality to their niche customers.

5) What About The Past?
Review your memories from childhood and youthful days. Let your mind wander back in a new way. Think how different this or that was 10, 20, (30+) years ago. Or what events taught you important and impactful lessons. Now refresh those memories into great relatable material for your audience.

Recall the paper route, or lawn mowing service, or babysitting service you had to generate some spending cash. You might relate how great the word-of-mouth-advertising was…your customers would brag about how great “their person” was and how you got more business than you could handle!

You could relate to your audience how social media can be used as modern-day word-of-mouth advertising. Then recommend a product or service to help your people reach their social media goals.

Wrapping it up – THE BONUS TIP!!!
Now that you have, or were reminded of, these idea generators what about the base of your content?

You have the HOOK to draw people in with your engaging story, now give them the substance, the content, the subject matter. Where do you find it?

High quality, low-priced PLR – Private Label Rights – is the absolute time and money saver for most of your content needs.

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Here’s To Your Great Results,
Andrew Orham
Orham Promotions, INC

This is a guest post from Andrew Orham, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

3 thoughts on “Tell A Story – 5 Tips To Engage With Your Audience (and Sell Like Crazy)”

  1. Thanks for an interesting post regarding the use of story telling as a prompt.

    Many years ago I attended a training course on speaking in public. Then, and probably still, regarded as one of the biggest fears people face. Talking in front of an audience.

    The training was distilled down to a very simple formula – Incident -Action -Benefit.
    Basically take an incident that you knew about or were involved in and describe how it went. Draw an action or result from it. Then find or mention a benefit as the outcome.

    Works quite well for most things and I am sure can be applied here too.
    Ian Whyte recently posted..Forgotten Things Can Make A DifferenceMy Profile

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