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The Reasons Why You Should be Using PLR


In its most basic variation, you can buy articles or reports that have been composed in advance. The PLR website owner offers these short articles or reports (or videos, eBooks, and so on) with unique rights that permit you to edit them and use them as if you ‘d written them yourself (although there may be particular constraints).

The PLR, or Private Label Rights, is the ways by which a business owner, like you, can purchase rights to pre-created content, and then utilize that material in a variety of ways as your own.


Many entrepreneurs examine decisions based on 2 primary criteria: Will it save me time? And Will it save me cash? With PLR, the answer is a definite Yes! to both concerns. Here’s a little bit more information about how PLR content can help your service.

Whether you use it as a finished product or as simply a beginning location for your own material, PLR can conserve you lots of time. You can make a couple of modifications to the details you receive and release it as-is, or you can take a little bit more time and revamp it. Even if you offer the PLR content a complete overhaul, it’s a shortcut worth taking.


Online, content is king, regardless of your company structure or industry. All individuals see is what you put in front of them, so by occupying a new site or blog with pages of top-quality material you’ll be on the fast track to building an organization.


Any business owner can tell you that when you work for yourself, time is cash, often actually. So, by saving time, you’re well on your way to supercharging your bottom line. Not only that, by helping you get a product to market quicker, you’re that much closer to making money.


Imagine strolling into a high-end white wine store, searching for the best bottle of cabernet sauvignon. Not just are there no bottles on the shelves, there’s no staff individual to ask for help. Confronted with this circumstance, you ‘d quickly navigate greener pastures without any one there to assist you figure out what to pick. The same requirement for expertise exists online; if your website is nothing however a shell with no depth or real details, your visitors aren’t going to stay long. Having top quality content on your website is vital when you are trying to present yourself as an expert in your field.

Maybe you’ve strictly been offering services however desire to also sell eBooks, or you desire to attempt your hand at a podcast or membership website, however thought you could not expand your offerings due to time restraints; PLR can get you there, quickly. And that suggests more cash, quicker.


offering a PLR item is one of the simplest ways to start earning big amounts of money online without requiring to invest huge quantities of time and cash and without requiring any particular useful skills.

However, that’s, not to state that making money through PLR products is a safe bet. There is definitely an art to picking the best products and then maximizing their earning capacity. So, let’s discuss a few of the biggest mistakes that you require to avoid and how you can guarantee you make the most money possible from your preliminary investment.


one of the worst things you can perhaps do as a PLR item reseller Is to invest in the wrong product initially, in most cases, this indicates purchasing an item that is inadequately made by somebody who doesn’t genuinely care about the quality of their item and/or, who does not have the ability to create something rewarding as a reseller.

Your job is to supply worth to your audience. You require to offer more value than you are charging, which should be simple, seeing as how you have no overhead as soon as you’ve made the preliminary purchase. If your item is composed in pidgin English or if it is only a few pages long, then you will face a backlash from your clients that will damage your track record and potentially result in a great deal of returns, choose wisely and constantly do your research to guarantee that the product has actually been developed with care and attention to information.


charging too much for what is essentially a digital download is a fast method to anger your potential purchasers and to make far fewer sales than you otherwise could nearly just as bad, though is to charge too little for your item, which will instantly make it appear less important and less fascinating as a result, would you bother with a $ 3 download? You can most likely get that information elsewhere free of charge.
Ultimately, the price you charge requirements to show the quality of the product and the value you provide, but that’s, likewise something that you can test and tweak to discover the ideal selling point.


You must not just get the real product to begin reselling, however likewise the marketing products, to help you do that. Your responsibility, then, is merely to make certain that enough individuals are seeing those marketing products and that’s.
Where marketing comes in, whether you are using AdWords or a private mailing list, ensure you’re doing something to reach your audience.


You may believe if you’re utilizing PLR on your blog site or ezine, that’s enough. Simply believe about all that material that you have at your fingertips, just waiting for you to revamp it and turn it into something more!


Maybe the most significant error entrepreneurs make about PLR is stopping working to utilize it. We’ve gone over how PLR can help you as a company owner, regardless of your specific niche or specialty. If someone you admired and relied on provided you a piece of exercise equipment and informed you it was their ace in the hole to reaching a wonderful physique, opportunities are you ‘d at least check it out. The same is true for PLR: I’m informing you that it is an ace in the hole in creating a great company.


The Next Steps

The single most important thing you can do right now is get started! Don’t fear the unknown, just jump right in and get started. Remember to focus on learning…

“Have you considered Your Own PLR?”

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Tell A Story – 5 Tips To Engage With Your Audience (and Sell Like Crazy)

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Well, that is how Snoopy started out his storytelling. Let’s look at telling stories to engage with your people and some creative ways to generate ideas.

Storytelling is a great way to add to your content.
Use storytelling for:

a) Writing emails to your list
b) Creating a post for your blog
c) Recording a video for your vlog or Youtube
d) Preparing for a podcast
e) Sales letters, posts to social media, and on and on

Once you start to use this technique, you will find numerous ways to use it in your marketing. So, how do you get those ideas flowing for storytelling? Here are five tips.

1) Surprise Your Audience With Pattern Interrupts
Take two unrelated situations and put them together and get people to think out of the box.

Grab their attention!

An example: “How my son’s 50-yard touchdown run can help you grow your Facebook list-building and sales!” Your audience might say “Yeah, right…how is that going to work?)

Well, get this. My son is the punter on the team. He went to punt the football and the defense blocked it. My son was quick in his response and was able to grab the ball and high-tailed it into the endzone.

That is how we need to be with Facebook ads. Stay with me here;) My son missed his first attempt to punt a few yards, but by being ready and quick, he was able to RETARGET, pick up the ball and score. So, always consider using Retargeting in your Facebook ad campaigns and here is the best strategy to do that. (Then you have your link ready for people to click)

2) Write It Down
We all have interesting, fun, irritating, educational things and events happening in our lives every day. Imagine the stories you could tell and how relatable you could be with these stories.

But we are busy and so often forget these life events. Solution: carry a small notebook and make a quick note of the event. You will be amazed at the ideas generated from such a seemingly small thing!

An example: a few months ago I was shopping for a new(er) car. It was a nice sunny day, so I went to local car dealerships to see what was available. Of course, the bad thing about that is having to put up with the “used car salesman”. I encountered 4 salespeople that day. 3 were the typical fast-talking, show and sell, onto the next guy type. One salesperson asked me questions, acted like I was the only person there, and seemed genuinely engaged to get me in the best possible care for my needs.

So, use this type of knowledge to relate to your audience the importance of online customer surveys and quizzes to help them understand what products or services to offer or create. Plus, show them how using quality PLR(Private Label Rights) products can greatly cut the costs and time needed to develop a targeted product. Then, of course, have a quality PLR service available for your audience.

3) Your Peeps Are A Great Resource
Your family and friends. How many stories come from them, your children’s day at school and social interactions, your Mom’s “review” of her latest diet program, your spouse’s encounter with a co-worker, a friend’s latest invention idea. Wow…an endless supply of relatable material.

Now this one should be easy and might actually help you enjoy the next family gathering. Use your visit with family members as a stealth marketing information gathering session.

Let’s say you talk to your nephew, he has a good job and family but always has money worries. Quiz him on why he does not start an online business.

Use this conversation and what you learned to relate to your audience on how to get past their possible fears or what might be holding them back from success.

4) Your Daily Commute or Walk
When driving, walking, biking, etc. pay attention to people, outside advertising, what local shops are doing to grab your attention.

Look at your surroundings in a new way, you will find it not only makes daily life more interesting but brings a daily stream of ideas to tell in a story.

Consider, as you go along, all the thousands of products and services being offered at the stores you pass by. Many of these markets have branded products that are made by another company. Relate your experience to your audience. Help them see how the store focuses on providing quality branded products to its customers.

The key is these store owners do not have to have the expertise or costs to make these products. Show your people how using a quality PLR service can do essentially the same thing. They can brand themselves and provide quality to their niche customers.

5) What About The Past?
Review your memories from childhood and youthful days. Let your mind wander back in a new way. Think how different this or that was 10, 20, (30+) years ago. Or what events taught you important and impactful lessons. Now refresh those memories into great relatable material for your audience.

Recall the paper route, or lawn mowing service, or babysitting service you had to generate some spending cash. You might relate how great the word-of-mouth-advertising was…your customers would brag about how great “their person” was and how you got more business than you could handle!

You could relate to your audience how social media can be used as modern-day word-of-mouth advertising. Then recommend a product or service to help your people reach their social media goals.

Wrapping it up – THE BONUS TIP!!!
Now that you have, or were reminded of, these idea generators what about the base of your content?

You have the HOOK to draw people in with your engaging story, now give them the substance, the content, the subject matter. Where do you find it?

High quality, low-priced PLR – Private Label Rights – is the absolute time and money saver for most of your content needs.

You will find your PLR answer and an amazing deal by clicking HERE.

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Here’s To Your Great Results,
Andrew Orham
Orham Promotions, INC

This is a guest post from Andrew Orham, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

How Is It Possible To Grow Your Home Business Using PLR?

We all know that content happens to be the king, and the trend of marketing at present is moving in the direction of informing over advertising in what we call content marketing.

PLR (private label rights) aid you significantly in saving time when it comes to creating content by purchasing rights such that they can be modified by you and you can claim the ownership of the materials on most occasions.

It is possible for you to get PLR licenses for e-books, articles, video, software, graphics, and audio. For instance, it will be possible for you to purchase PLR articles and rewrite them for posting on your personal blog. Otherwise, you can purchase PLR e-books and sell them after rewriting them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

PLR advantages consist of:

Time Savings. Rather than formulating a concept and creating from scratch, PLR provides you the outline, the idea, plus the basis from which to work.

Cost-effective. PLR content is extremely affordable as compared to employing a videographer, a writer, and so on.

Flexibility. It is possible to alter the content. Apart from changing the content, you must also modify it. Although it is possible to post the PLR content materials as is, it will be a better idea to rewrite it. By owning PLR rights it will be possible for you to append, delete, rearrange, plus revise the entire content.

Ownership claim. Since you are creating a completely fresh piece of content, it will be possible for you to claim copyright by placing your name on the content.

Obviously, PLR also comes with several drawbacks:

Non-exclusive. Even though the number of licenses sold has been limited by lots of PLR suppliers right now, you are nevertheless purchasing content that is being owned by numerous others out there. For this reason, it is important to revise the content and make it your own.

Generic. On most occasions, PLR content appears to be dry as well as generic. Some of them are written rather poorly. It is essential to consider private label rights as a framework from which you can add your personal flair.

Limitations. There can be limitations on how it can be used which will depend on the PLR license. For instance, it might not be possible for you to provide content absolutely for free (i.e. by means of your newsletter). Even though this is observed more in MRR (master resale rights) content, there are restrictions on the PLR materials too. Always make it a point to go through the license meticulously.


PLR comes with a significant advantage and this is that you are limited by your imagination only. Fantastic ways to make use of PLR content for your home business consist of the following:

Blog posts. There is no need for you to blog for an extended period of time so as to understand that it is difficult to come up with innovative ideas. PLR content will offer ideas as well as the fundamentals of a particular article. You simply need to revise.

Email list registration incentive. In case you do not have an email list, it is essential for you to make one. Right now. However, you need to provide the individuals with an incentive in order to make them register for your list. For this, you can provide PLR videos, e-books, plus other content as a freebie to the subscribers.

Article marketing. Although article marketing does not help a lot with search engine optimization anymore, it will be able to get your business info ahead of somebody else’s market. Similar to blog posts, PLR meant for article marketing will provide you with the framework from which to create original content that can be submitted to another blog or website.

Sell. Creating plus marketing information items fits into almost every single business model out there. It is possible for you to sell e-books that are linked to your business industry in case you do have a direct sales business. You will be able to sell home education lessons at your own pace in case you happen to be an instructor. PLR can be sold as an affordable entry or you can also upsell it to your services or products.


Making your own content is the secret of achieving success in PLR content. It is important to completely rewrite this content (e-books, articles, and so on).

You need to infuse your own ideas, personality, and thoughts into your content. At times, PLR content might be dry as well as vague. You can make it interesting by including your personal ideas as well as a style that will be reflecting your business as well as your brand.

Audio and video need you to have some sort of editing software for making the changes. Last but not least, you’d like to re-record introductions as well as endings for including your business info.

Check out more information on PLR here: https://prosperityspot.com/recommends/help-with-content-creation/ and here: https://prosperityspot.com/recommends/plr-webinar/

Tom Hall


This is a guest post from Tom Hall, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

How to Make Money Online – 7 Easy Steps to Follow

There is no doubt that the Internet has given many of us the opportunity to earn an extra income working from home.

Although there is huge potential, it is estimated that 95% of Internet marketers do not make any money at all. There are many reasons for this, but if you follow the following 7 steps below, you should be on your way to making money online.

1 Select a trusted supplier

If we are buying on the high street, it is relatively easy to select a trusted supplier, as we know most of the companies, and there is lots of publicity about these suppliers.

On the Internet, it is much more challenging, as there are so many small vendors. Many of them write a compelling sales letter, but that is not good enough.

Fortunately, there are many tools available where we can research these suppliers. For example, if you are looking at products from somebody called “Harry Smith” (this is purely fictional and does not relate to anyone in particular), go to google and type in:
“Harry Smith”
“Is Harry Smith honest?”
“Harry Smith scam”
Make sure you do the necessary research. For example, someone may have written an article titled “Harry Smith scam” but the article will just promote their own product or service.

Also look on social media accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You can find lots of information this way.

2 Select a trusted portal

Many product/service suppliers will sell through portals such as Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus. All of these have been around for some time and should satisfy you. If you are just starting out, you may wish to select products/services on these portals, as they also have a lot of data relating to the suppliers and how well the products sell.

The easiest one to start with is Clickbank, as you do not need to be approved for most of the products and services. With JVZoo and Warrior Plus you need approval from the vendor, which may not be easy if you haven’t got a track record on those platforms.

3 Select a product that is selling well

This may sound obvious, but sometimes the sales letters are so compelling you would think every product/service is a best seller. Fortunately, if you select one of the platforms above there are sales statistics for all their offerings.

Another way of checking is to go to google and YouTube and type:
“[Your chosen product] review”
You will quickly learn a lot about the offering you are considering.

4 Good training & support

Theses 2 factors are key.
Concerning training, for many offerings the support is video-based, which suits most people.

Hopefully once you have bought your chosen item, everything will go smoothly. However, there are lots of technicalities involved and you may not be able to operate the chosen system fully. In such cases you will need some assistance. Fortunately, with the 3 portals above, they will all offer the support of the chosen vendor.

It is also worth checking on google and YouTube about training and support. These are very often covered in review postings.

5 Invest in a growing market

This is another key point. In the past many large companies have been caught out by new technology or new trends. Some examples are as follows:
Photo film manufacturers suffered with the advent of digital cameras and SD cards.
Manufacturers of vinyl records saw sales plummet with the introduction of CDs.
Manufacturers of satellite navigation systems saw sales drop as many people now navigate with the use of the mobile phones.
This is a matter of keeping up with what is happening in the world. Also, tools like google trends can be very useful in spotting growing and declining markets.

6 Only invest in offers that you can afford

As I mentioned above, many sales letters are very compelling.

Having read some of them the vendor may convince you that you will automatically earn over $10,000 in your first month. Based on this it is a no brainer that you should part with $995, as your initial outlay will be paid back many times over in the first month.

It is very easy to be seduced by such offers but if you cannot afford $995, perhaps you shouldn’t invest. It may be better to wait until something more affordable is available.

7 Make sure you have the necessary skills to promote the offer

I’m sure we have all seen the headlines:
“Even my granny can do this”
“Anyone can do this”
“Easy to use, no technical skills required”
“This 16-year-old is earning a fortune”
Although sometimes this may be true, many times it doesn’t reflect your own abilities. It maybe that the granny is a technical wizard, or that the teenager has mastered many Internet skills.

It is very easy to get caught out, and it happened to me 2 years ago. I saw a system that looked very appealing and I was assured that it was very easy to use.

It’s a bit like saying that a car is easy to drive. It is if you have passed your test and have been driving for a few years. It isn’t easy if you have never sat in the driving seat of the car.

This was the case with me. After I bought the product, I needed HTML and CPanel skills. I don’t have those skills. I could learn them, but I don’t think that system can be described as “easy to use”.

Fortunately, there was a money-back guarantee, so I claimed my refund and moved on.

Not having the right skills or hitting roadblocks that cannot be easily overcome is one of the reasons that 95% of Internet marketers do not make any money online.

One of the easiest ways to check that you are suitable is to look for reviews on YouTube. Some of the reviewers will actually demonstrate the system for you, which helps considerably.

I cannot guarantee you will make money if you follow these steps, but they have served me well. I have been successful with a number of projects.

If you would like to watch a video, with no obligation, please click below.

John Hayes


This is a guest post from John Hayes, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

Market S.M.A.R.T. Not Just Hard!

Guess how many GOOGLE search results you would get when typing “how to make money by internet marketing”. Surprisingly, the search result is about 482,000,000 as of the time of this writing. Yes, a staggering figure close to half a million. Obviously, the message is loud and clear—more and more people globally and from different backgrounds are exploring and offering the world of the internet business…$$$. Technology is dynamic and ever changing, as a result, internet marketing now will follow the same pattern. You are reading this blog because you are excited and determined to keep abreast with these ongoing changes and are open to new ideas.

Technology changes the world. As an example, consumers’ buying habits is ever changing as well. Gone are the days when majority of people travel to supermarkets, drugstores, department stores and fall in line to purchase items. Online stores get more competitive, offer freebies and established return policies to make online selling more and more appealing and hassle-free. At times the only option for households is to buy online. You may have noticed fewer retail shops today than a decade or so previously. Thanks to the mouse—one click away and that’s it!

SPECIFIC Knowledge—a Must
MOTIVATION (Be Motivated)
ATTAINABLE (Is it Attainable?)
RESOURCEFUL (Be Resourceful)
TIME CONSCIOUS (Be Time Conscious)

Specific knowledge – a must

“Specific knowledge is needed in every work, if we want to have success”… “When we find successful people in our field, learn from their experience and understand some important things more specifically” – Sunday Adelaja

Internet marketing evolves with the passing of time. Its scope, specialization and competition are all pretty dynamic. For this reason, you have done your homework for sure—and it did cost money, time and effort. Many of us, including myself, probably obtained dozens of software, apps and the like to make them work and expect money pouring to our bank accounts. Frustration came when we mistakenly hope that our endeavors will work wonders for us. Did it come slower or costlier than expected? What was the efficacy of the program? Where in the world can we get a methodology or know-how to make things work? Learn from the experiences of those with the right knowledge and grasp specifically what made the system work.

Be Motivated

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Oftentimes, many get stressed out with the trial and error cycle and even become envious of those who earn 5-6 figures. No wonder, the attraction to be instantaneous super wealthy is gaining popularity. (the get-rich-quick schemes, millionaire overnight thing…HUH). Moreover, we live in a world that is fast paced in many aspects of life. Be it food, technology, travel, leisure and pleasure. People are bombarded and fashioned to be impatient. It seems 24 hours a day will never be enough. Slow computer processing units (even just for few seconds) will make users panic. Who prefers instant coffee than a brewed one? Admittedly, many items, such as food and drinks, prepared quickly are not necessarily the good, healthy stuff. Done with your brewed coffee?

Those who performed well in the internet marketing will vouch that when motivated, patience will follow. Then, what else?

Is it Attainable?

“Unless people believe that the strategic challenge is attainable, the change is not likely to succeed.” – W. Chan Kim

What does it take to make internet marketing work for you? Do not call off the search until you find a reliable and satisfying proven strategy. Once found, get hold on it and do not let go.

Be Resourceful

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a resourceful idiot.” – Scott Adams

We might be considered relatively “idiots” in the world of internet marketing but being resourceful will eventually make us a league of our own. Who knows?
We became smarter not only by ourselves but by virtue of mentors. Do you still remember how the a+b=c equation became much easier with the help of a tutor. In this field of learning, tutors unlocked the key to understand a higher level of Math, the logic behind the equation and how algebraic equations balance out. The whole process did not happen overnight…it did, slowly but surely. Get help from a reputable mentor.

Be Time Conscious

What could be done with money that we could not do with time? Money could be saved, time should be spent. (Banks accepts time deposits but not time. LOL) Therefore, we choose to spend time wisely. Wisely investing precious time by examining hard enough the marketing strategies being promoted before us.

In view of the foregoing, working smart involves specific technics, the right resources, work ethics and the proper mind-set to reach successfully goals. Invaluable is to have the right mentor or coach. These will surely bring you to the next level in internet marketing. Is this within our reach?

John Thornhill, our tutor, will not leave you in the lurk when undergoing his internet marketing training. Bottom line—he wants you to market SMART, not just hard.

He already has helped thousands to succeed. Be the next one in line, but make sure to get the sense of his specialized, SPECIFIC knowledge to grow your business. Being fully MOTIVATED himself, he can radiate enthusiasm and motivation to all, old and new alike. His progressive approach and assistance on each step along the way makes our objectives ATTAINABLE. Technics, tactics and training in his lectures are all RESOURCEFUL. Spend TIME wisely learning from John who continues in his crusade in helping more duplicate his enduring success.

He will make your first steps to success feasible and easy-to-follow. Waiting for you is a down-to-earth person who is prompt and available when rendering assistance.

Start your journey to success now and work S.M.A.R.T.…if not smarter.

With all sincerity John said: “Sure, I am here to guide and teach you but your success is in your hands and nothing can change that”.

This is a guest post from Eric Jennings, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

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