How To Get Website Visitors To Click Your Links


Hey guys,

Just a real quick post here to let you know about a cool WordPress Plugin that I found.

This wordpress plugin uses proven psychological theory to get your visitors looking at what you choose! It’s an attention grabber with a difference.

An awesome wordpress plugin that looks and acts just like a facebook message. That’s exactly where and what people today are conditioned to click on!

You can:
• Set via timer or on action
• Set the popup size to whatever you want
• Locate the popup anywhere on the page
• Change the color of the popup
• Add an avatar icon that says ‘comment by’ to look like a live chat
• Add an image avatar
• Add html into the box and add clickable images. Have the popup activate in the center of the page and play your sales message!
• Use as live sales help
• Lock the popup so that if the user goes to close the popup, an overlay activates to say ‘like us’ on one of these three – ‘like’ on facebook, set a twitter message, auto pin an image on pinterest.

The popup works on shortcodes, it can be set to be used on individual pages so that you can have two completely different popups on different pages.

It can be edited on the fly – you don’t need to edit each page individually, you can edit the popup in the editor and it will change across all the popups.
In just one click, you can instantly disable the popups and you can change the timer across multiple popups.

I’ve got to say, this is quite simply one of the best products I’ve seen in a long time and it’s really easy to use.

I mean, this one can’t fail to grab your viewer’s attention.
If you want sales, you’ve got to get your stuff seen. That’s exactly what this little jewel does.

Get it now and just watch those clicks come rolling in!

I’m sure you’re gonna love this, especially as I got a 79% DISCOUNT for you 🙂



2 thoughts on “How To Get Website Visitors To Click Your Links”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the share of this great little idea and it’s nice to see it working. The funny thing is the last time I came to your blog I actually saw this and thought it was Facebook!

    I love the setup of your blog Dave, in order to get the menu under the header do you just add a Menu as normal; as I like that with the boxes or is it something else you need to add?

    I also just want to say that I am on a personal challenge to comment on all the blogs on P2S which I have a list of 155 and I want to complete this by 22nd of March 15, so remember that and please feel free to visit my blog and return the comment 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    paul recently posted..Can I really meet this Challenge?My Profile

    1. Hey Paul,
      Thanks for your comments, yes, my menu is a regular menu from Appearance > Menus in WP admin
      Each theme has it’s own style of menu appearance, so just choose the theme that suits you
      best and add your menu’s as you wish.

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