Highlights of 2014 and $100 Gift For You!

2014-highlightsThere we have it, another year has passed us by and another one just beginning!
I’m going to go over some of the things that I have been up to this year, so you know exactly what I’ve been up to.
I wanted to show my gratitude for all my subscribers, so I’m going to throw $100 cash on the table for one lucky reader
It’s real simple, all you have to do is to reply to this post with YOUR personal highlight of the year and share on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll then put all the names into a hat and randomly choose the lucky $100 winner… Simple as that!

So here’s MY personal highlights of 2014:

January 2014 – Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Essential Marketing Tools and Strategies‘ for only $5, one of a long line of TOP Quality PLR releases we made.
Myself and Omar Martin also announced our Super Hero Bonus for John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success in January, this turned out to be a MASSIVE success.
Another GREAT product launched this month, which myself and John Thornhill created a MASSIVE BONUS for was ‘Countdown Monkey‘, adding countdown timers to your pages increases sales DRAMATICALLY, so you really should check this out.

February 2014 – Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Product Creation Madness‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
Interested in the SIMPLEST, BEST & most reliable ways of creating a regular passive online income? In February, Matt Garrett launched Niche Reaper 2.0 a great keyword discovery tool that delivers 5000 pre-qualified and pre-researched HIGH VALUE keywords per DAY.
Also in this month Randy and Simon launched their Faster Smarter Better business building system that does exactly what it says on the tin.

March 2014 – The first great product for me in March was Mike Filsaime’s Webinar Jam, If you’ve been tired of GoToWebinar’s high price, low attendee limits, and lack of marketing tools…
this was the IDEAL solution.
Also this month, for a special ‘weekend only’, we released our Niche Marketing Kit, over $10,000 worth of some of the BIGGEST and BEST products in Internet Marketing for a FRACTION of the cost. (I’ve made the link live for my subscribers only for a short period!)
Another GREAT product launched this month was from my good friends John Thornhill and Daniel Sumner, called Product Development Control, This has to be the BEST product creation course EVER, and you can get it for just a few dollars!
Also this month Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Home Business Guru‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
Finally, at the end of March, myself and John Thornhill released a MASSIVE BONUS for the excellent ‘Popup Monkey‘, this brilliant tool is quite simply the SIMPLEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to grab your visitors attention.

April 2014 – You know how AWESOME and ESSENTIAL Facebook is these days right? That’s why myself and John Thornhill launched our ‘Facebook Ultimate Marketing Training‘, to help people learn how to PROFIT from Facebook.
Also this month, myself, John Thornhill and Omar Martin released one of our BIGGEST BONUSES ever, with our ‘FB Ads Cracked‘ promotion.

May 2014 – This month Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Facebook Strategies and Profits‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
Another EXCELLENT product this month was ‘WP Speedy Links‘, with this WordPress plugin you can monetize your ENTIRE WordPress website or blog for ANY keyword on FULL AUTOPILOT in just 10 SECONDS!
The end of May was when my good friend Stevie B launched ‘Mammoth Graphics Pack‘, a massive package of high quality, professional website graphics that you can simply copy and paste into your websites, blogs or products to give your sites an instant makeover in a matter of minutes.

June 2014 – The first great thing to come in June was Easy Sketch Pro, it’s quite honestly the BEST and SIMPLEST Drag and Drop sketch video creator that you will ever lay your eyes upon!
It was that good I created yet another bonus for it (still live).
The next great thing in June was Covert Shirt Store, This really is the SIMPLEST way to take advantage of the MASSIVE popularity for T-Shirts right now.
After that myself and John Thornhill had a special launch for our Like Page Builder 2014, this software can help EVERYONE MAXIMIZE on the Facebook popularity, in the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way humanly possible.
Then Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Affiliate Marketing Kickstart‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
After that myself and John Thornhill teamed up yet again to provide you a 10k BONUS for Omar Martin’s My Unfair Advantage (not currently available, keep an eye out for our next bonus!)

July – July started off with us giving you an awesome content filled webinar, we then teamed up to give you yet another BONUS (expired) for White Label Millionaire.
After that was the launch of Monkey Marketing Mastermind, and you guessed it, we created yet another awesome BONUS (expired) for that too 🙂
Then we gave you the chance to join another free live workshop.
Lastly in July Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Teespring Profits‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.

August – The first great thing in this month was John and Omar’s ‘Easy Video Solutions‘, this is excellent for making your sales videos look great!
Then myself and John teamed up yet again to bring you another BONUS for Michael Cheney’s ‘Fan Page Money‘, an awesome product for helping you make money on Facebook!
Next this month we released ‘List Phoenix‘, a great product that shows you turn your exit traffic into CASH AND SUBSCRIBERS!
Then was the release of John and Dan’s Product Launch Control, and yes, I teamed up with Omar Martin to bring you another awesome BONUS for that!
After that Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘EZ Money Quick Start Blueprint‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.

September 2014 – This is when we released our 60 Minute Reseller, our customers absolutely LOVED this training that shows you exactly how to create a complete product and get it up for sale in less than 60 minutes!
Then we created yet another BONUS for Omar’s ‘Contest Leaderboard’ (not available)
Also this month Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Crushing Your Goals‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
Lastly this month, my friend Mike Steup released ‘Authority Site Builder‘, this proved to be a great success for people wanting to make fast websites that generate cash online!

October 2014 – The start of October brought Michael Cheney’s Fan Page Money, this is a FANTASTIC product that took Michael 18 months of painstaking research and trial and error to compile, as we thought it was THAT GOOD, we also provided yet another awesome BONUS (expired)
Next, myself and Daniel Sumner launched a MASSIVE package of ready to go products with PLR rights at a very low discounted price, you can still grab this now! (dime sale)
Another great product this month was Simon & Jeremy’s Tutorial Mixer WordPress Video Tutorials, these also came with PLR rights at a very low cost!
Next in this month was Alex Jeffrey’s The Super List Method, this is a step by step system that gives you EVERYTHING you need to have your very own HIGHLY profitable list
in ANY niche, up and running in less than 21 Days!(this sold like crazy)
Last, but by far not least was when we released Like Page Templates, this is not one, but THREE Like Page Template Packs (30 templates) that you can use to VERY simply build your own Facebook like pages in a matter of SECONDS. (very low cost, very high quality and dime sale)

November 2014 – The first great product in this month was Michael Cheney’s Child’s Play Profits, this is a FANTASTIC product where Michael shows you exactly how you can make an income online FAST and SIMPLE! It was that good that we also offered another massive bonus! (expired)
The next GREAT thing in this month was John Thornhill’s LIVE Interactive Product Creation Training, don’t worry if you missed the start, you can grab the recording and ALSO
make sure you’re there for all the other LIVE training sessions.
Also this month Myself and Daniel Sumner released PLR Rights to ‘Seven Ways to Success‘ for only $5, another of our TOP Quality PLR releases.
Another great product this month was my Good Friends Randy and Simon’s ‘Stolen Webinar‘, lol it wasn’t actually ‘stolen’, but it was cracking stuff 🙂
Due to VERY popular request, later this month we re-released our 60 Minute Reseller at a very special price with added bonuses too!
At the end of this month myself and John Thornhill teamed up yet again to provide you a 10k BONUS for Omar Martin’s My Unfair Advantage (not currently available, keep an eye out for our next bonus!)

December 2014 – The first GREAT thing this month was Landing Page Monkey, this app is totally awesome. In just a couple clicks you can create beautiful lead pages, webinar registration pages, contest registration pages, and any other sort of opt-in page to build your mailing lists.  I provided a great BONUS for this and you can still grab it now!
This month also brought the re-release of Michael Cheney’s Fan Page Money, we also provided yet another awesome BONUS (expired)
The next GREAT thing this month was Product Launch Control, this is an amazing product that EVERY Internet marketer needs. Myself and Omar Martin also released yet another MASSIVE BONUS for this too!(expired)
Last, but not least this year, myself and John Thornhill released our Niche Marketing Kit Festive Blowout(massively discounted), this is the most comprehensive package of marketing tools and software that you will ever see for a fraction of the cost!

In between all this we’ve also given away FREE websites every month with Free Monthly Websites, as well as multiple free webinars that will help you succeed.

So that’s it, my highlights of 2014, I also did a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, which I’ll tell you about later!

Sorry if this post went on a little longer than expected, but there was a lot to fit in!

Remember, if you hit reply and let me know your marketing highlight of 2014, and share on Facebook or Twitter, I’ll put your name in a draw for $100 cash! (direct to your Paypal)
I’ll make the draw in a couple of weeks LIVE, you must be able to receive the cash via Paypal, if you cannot and you still wish to enter, I will donate the cash to a deserving charity in your name.

Please make sure you use your best email address when you reply, as I will need to contact you on it if you win!

Good luck for the $100 cash draw and I hope you have a great 2015.

Happy New Year!



46 thoughts on “Highlights of 2014 and $100 Gift For You!”

  1. Hi Dave,
    Great post. Personally, my biggest highlight last year was celebrating my 25th anniversary with my loving bride, and taking a special trip to commemorate it which she thoroughly enjoyed!

    An extra icing is my gearing up at the end of the year to launch into 2015 with some projects I’d set aside last year.

      1. Thanks Dave. Yes it was a bummer but it turned out well. Not only did we get a nicer home for about the same price, we got quite a few new clients. So everything happens for a reason. 🙂

  2. My #1 highlight of the year was replacing the Dodge 360 cubic inch engine of my Midas Motor Home with the 383 cubic inch w/overdrive automatic transmission. I would have lost my CDL if the 383 had stayed in the ’74 Javaline AMX I’d put it in. Too much power for the street. Now I can make proper use of that power. Happy New Year everyone.

  3. My biggest highlight was also a low point. In Nov of 2014 we were evicted from our home of 8 years because our landlord sold our home. 30 days to find a new place and move. We met a realtor who was very helpful and after talking with her a few times, we found she had no mobile presence. Then after helping her out she introduced us to the other 7 realtors in her group and they all wanted a mobile presence. Now we are also doing some social media work for them and other marketing. To top it off we are going to doing a presentation which will be recorded and shown to 450 other realtors. This has a turning point in our lives. It is fantastic.
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  4. My personal highlight was realizing how many successful marketers are willing to share their tactics and use some of mine themselves. A great community.

  5. Hi Dave, the biggest things for me in 2014 were a lot of clearing of old stuff and gaining clarity on a lot of things, some great healing which is all taking me in new directions

    Btw, I think this is how post for the contest!

    Good luck with 2015!

  6. Hey Dave, you had a busy 2014. I have no really big highlights to share. I did start seeing $$ rolling into my PayPal account by way of sales. Even though my email list is still small I did continually work on growing it. In fact one of top priority goals for 2015 is to start building a buyers list. Maybe I should keep a journal so I could share more about some of the highlights of my career in 2015. Anyhoo great post.

    Roy A. Jones
    Roy A. Jones recently posted..Keep Your Email List ResponsiveMy Profile

    1. Hey Roy,
      Great to see you starting to make income, remember.. ‘many streams make a river’ 🙂
      Keep up the great work, and yes, always keep a track of what you’ve been up to, so you can see what works best!

  7. Hi Dave,
    I would have to say the biggest highlight or I should say eye-opener was that my website needed total revamping and in the process I learned that my previous hosting provider’s service was causing me to constantly keep re-logging in which makes it almost impossible to manage your domains so I had to point them to my other provider. In the interim I placed just a simple html page there until I get the blog rebuilt and have placed a temporary duplicate at http://imbh.tarfficmoolah.com/ Now it’s just a matter of getting them rebuilt properly and all the bugs worked out which I’m sure you are well aware takes considerable attention. As usual I thank you for all the help and support you have provided for another year and wish you and yours another very Happy and Prosperous Year in 2015. Keep the faith and may God Bless you and yours in everything you do. AMEN!!

    Best regards,

    1. Hey Bryan,
      Yeah, a really good web host is essential in this business, also, I’d recommend trying to have domains on your own web host too if possible, it just makes it easier to add new ones quickly!
      As you grow, consider multiple servers and even Amazon, esp for videos, unless you have EVS that is!
      All the very best to you too for 2015 Bryan.

  8. Hi Dave, it is a beautiful thing to see how you manage to create so many products and be successful with most of them. But it is also just as great the fact that with your products and training you can help so many of us to follow (hopefully) in your tracks.
    It never ceases to amaze me the great sharing of knowledge and tactics that successful marketers like you do all the time. But as for me personally, just to see my first sales online and to actually receive payment for the second time is a great achievement in that I now know that marketing online really works! So now in 2015 I want to be productive and continue the journey taking much more action. Thanks for all the help I get from your products.
    German Calvo recently posted..Motivation actionMy Profile

  9. Hi,

    I believe you want to know what the highlight of my year was in respect to what I accomplished if I read the post correctly… This year I was able to work my way into product launching by starting with helping vendors design their sales funnels, setting up membership sites and providing tech support to vendors that either didn’t want to do it themselves or were unable.

    Because I went above and beyond for one of these vendors and saved his but by processing support requests for an entire day, he asked me to partner up on his next launch, and so I did. The launch was successful and I now had. A buyers list which even though it was less than 1000 produced nearly 500 sales in only a few months.

    Each of these subscribers has been valued at $5 per month per subscriber. Most value subscribers at $1 per sub per month, but that, as I have learned, is dependent on your engagement with your list.

    Now I have had lists in the tens of thousands that have not produced what this tiny list has in terms of profits.

    It’s not the size of the list, but rather the responsiveness of your subscribers. An audience that takes action on your recommendations is priceless.

    So the highlight of my year has been finally achieving some success, having a vision of where I want to go in my business, and the ability to help others that are beginning their journey.

    Its amazing to me that there are people that look up to me now; a captive audience. I have worked very hard to get here, spent countless hours on the computer, and am grateful for everything I have learned and accomplished this far.

    Still, I know this is only the beginning and I’m only limited to my imagination.

    To the best year yet; 2015!!!
    Joseph Quinn recently posted..IM Wealth Builders Christmas Discount DealMy Profile

  10. Hey Dave, holy hell man… you did ALL OF THIS just in 2014?

    I’m definitely focusing on the wrong things then!

    But anyway, just to follow along my biggest highlight of 2014 was releasing my first ever formal information product (Authority Blog Profits) and witnessing myself that achieving success (online) is possible as long as you have the determination, discipline, a proven path and a strong mindset to never quit.

    Reading this article actually inspired me a LOT Dave, going to get back to a few things I have in the backburner and see what I can do to start building momentum again.

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Breaking Up The SilenceMy Profile

    1. Hey Sergio,
      Good to hear from you man, some wise words there that many people should consider!
      Pleased to hear this inspired you Sergio, keep me in the loop with what you have going on 🙂

  11. Dave that’s quite an impressive list as usual.
    I was one of your first students in
    Dave’s Coaching Program back when it

    first cam out. I’m in John’s Partnership to Success program now and
    look forward to a great year like yours was last year.
    Thanks for blazing the trail and showing us what’s possible
    if you stay busy and roll up your sleeves and get to work.

    Cheers and best of luck to you in 2015
    Steve Troutman recently posted..MMM — Use Twitter “Backflow” Channels To Market Your Web BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Marian,
      That’s actually one of my key elements in my business… ‘Do some work every day to build my business’, even if it’s something small, over time it all comes together.
      Cheers for the comment.

  12. Hi Dave,

    Looks like you had a busy year. A couple of highlights for me were to start making ‘regular’ income from my efforts. Previously my effeort have been a bit hit and miss but putting the effort into building my list is starting to pay off. Another highlight was being approched to do an interview with another marketer who was putting together his first product… the topic – list building!

    Thanks for the great post

    Donald Gavin recently posted..Are You A Marketer Or A Consumer?My Profile

  13. My Highlight was November 17th. 2014 when I survived a Stroke after Carotid Surgery removed a two inch clot from just below my brain. Puts things into perspective now I hope that my website shows the same recovery

  14. Wow, looking at your activities I know why I had to work my butt off if I want to make a good income online. 2014 is the year I started looking for a job after being jobless since 2012 due to a 3x CABG and unable to earn a respectable income source online.

    Still no one “wanted me” but I guess its better to work a little harder online to find that “one breakthrough” I need 😉
    William Siong recently posted..22 Reasons Why You Will Love The SFI TripleClicks BusinessMy Profile

        1. Yeah, traffic generation is hard at first William, I would suggest you concentrate on that and list building as much as possible, plus, make sure you have an attractive affiliate page for your stuff too 🙂
          Here’s a few low cost traffic programs that spring to mind if they help:
          http://dave-nicholson.com/special/traffic-from-facebook (launching 13th Feb)

  15. Cheers for all your comments and sharing your own highlights with me guys.
    I’ve placed a video of the LIVE draw in this post above.
    BIG congrats to the winner 🙂

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