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marketing-pinterestWhen a new social media platform emerges, it can leave Internet users awestruck and create a buzz with people wondering how they managed without it.

With Facebook people can connect with friends and stay updated; with Twitter people receive regular news updates, and with YouTube people find videos that go viral extremely fast.
The ability to share information found on the Internet enables users to plan, set goals, and recommend interesting products. It should come as no surprise, then, that Pinterest is fast becoming a top social networking tool. Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a service that allows users to bookmark or “pin” links of interest and categorize them onto custom “boards” on a person’s account. Pinterest users can follow other accounts and comment on entries, like them in the same way as a Facebook page, and “repin” entries to any of their own boards. One can also shift Pinterest activity to Twitter and Facebook profiles for extra exposure.

Of course, with the advent of new social innovation comes the interest among businesses to use it as a marketing tool. Whether your intent is to promote products, travel options, or even a professional service, the potential for attracting attention via Pinterest is there. One only has to be able to use the site effectively.
With Pinterest, you are looking at specific objectives for achieving high visibility:
• Gaining followers so pins from your boards show when they log in.
• Encouraging people to re-pin your entries to their boards and creating opportunity for viral sharing.
• Encouraging click-throughs on the entries to the site of origin.
This visibility will hopefully increase leads and sales to your business. As with other social tools, it may only take one event to create viral interest.
On Pinterest you can let your creativity shine by creating boards that inspire followers. You can create multiple boards that focus on different aspects of your business.
Whether Pinterest will supercede Twitter and Facebook as the main social platform is yet to be determined. It is certainly the hot new kid on the block right now, and if you are able to build a following through Pinterest it will help you to interact with users well.

On that note, I came across this great course –  Simple Pinterest Traffic System.
This is a six module video course created to teach everything you need to know to use Pinterest effectively to get targeted traffic.
I’d highly recommend it if you’re wanting to learn all about Marketing and Traffic with Pinterest

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5 thoughts on “Marketing and Traffic with Pinterest!”

  1. Hi Dave,
    It’s been quite awhile since I’ve thought of promoting on Penterest Dave, and as such, what a great reminder your post was in bring my attention back to that amazing social website Penterest.
    Thank you for your timely and useful post Dave.

    Kind Regards,
    Timothy Bray

  2. Hi Dave,

    Your post about Pinterest caught my attention because I wanted to know something about this newer social platform.

    They often recommend me to open an account on Pinterest to have some pins organized on a board to express your thoughts on what interest you privately or as a business person. I have an account without really knowing much about it, so your finding that ‘great course’ made me click on the link and then, while I am reading the sales page, a thought came to me to check whether I actually bought that course by Mark Steer.

    Yes, I found a folder named Simple Pinterest Traffic System on my hard drive, and in there is the course by Mark Steer, which, (don’t tell him) I had completely forgotten about it. A few minutes ago, I finished reading his introduction to the course, and I now have a clearer notion of how Pinterest works but, of course, implementation needs to follow to get results. I liked the chapters that I read and it really is a pity that I had forgotten about buying it.

    There was an item of news in his product that I find staggering though and it is the fact (as he says) that the average user visiting Pinterest spent $180! That study must have some real stats to prove that I imagine.

    Anyway I thank you for making me realize the importance of Pinterest in marketing, and for giving me the urge to go through the course this time.


    German Calvo

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