[Free Report] Online Marketing – The ‘REAL’ Truth

Hey guys,

I want to personally thank all of you that took part in my survey, some of the the results were real ‘eye openers’ to say the least!The_Real_Truth

I wanted to do a little more with the results than simply announce them, so I went ahead and wrote a report titled:
‘Online Marketing – The ‘REAL’ Truth’

Inside the report I have voiced my opinions on a few things, not only the results, but also what I REALLY think about some online marketers!

I also announce my latest creation in there, which has been a long time coming!

I would also love to hear your views on that too.

Please take a read of the report and feel free to hit me with your comments.

You can download the report directly from HERE.

I have also included some images and a web page that you can also use if you wish to give it away.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy the report.

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P.S. If you would like to know more about my coaching then go HERE on  or after May 20th at 1pm EST and all will be revealed!

86 thoughts on “[Free Report] Online Marketing – The ‘REAL’ Truth”

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for the free eBook. It’s always good getting advice from someone that we know knows the game.

    Have you heard of the 100 blog comment challenge.

    A group of us from th MC forum are trying to get 100 bloggers to interact with eachothers blogs, commenting and bookmarking, which helps for google ranking and building relationships etc ra ra ra.

    You can get the details and a list of those taking part from the following page:


    It would be really good if you could get involved Dave, or some of your students (if you could mention it to them please?), Thanks again, Barry

  2. Hi Dave

    A really interesting set of results. There is no doubt the way to vastly increase your chances of success are to get yourself a mentor.

    Not only that though, getting the mentor is only the start, too many people pay out for these kind of things and think its a guarantee of success, dedication and action are the 2 keywords here too.
    You can have the best mentor in the world (someone like you), but if the student doesn’t make the effort to put your teachings into place no amount of mentoring is going to help.

    Mentoring + positive action = success.

    Thanks for the great book, made a very interesting read.



    1. Hey Anthony,

      Thanks for your kind words there, and yes, you are exactly right, you must take action on what you are taught, otherwise, your coaching is pointless.



  3. Hello Dave,

    I hope you can help me at this time,and what i need now is someone to help me execute a clickbank promotion step by step. Not withstanding,all of the things that i need learn to
    promote these products successfully. I want a website actively on line while i’m learning
    and possibly earning money! I’m burnt out and need to be active in the market to over-
    come the hype that i’ve had to deal with. God willing i will be successful! This might be a peculiar request, but motivation is essential at this time. Please reply with a solution that will enable me to make this work now. Thanks for your enthusiastic approach to internet marketing.


  4. Hi Dave

    Would have to endorse your comments that Coaching without action is fruitless, it will leave the student completely deflated

    Having a mentor is essential and keeping to your to do list when alone is essential but don’t end up chained to your computer or you will grow to resent it

    Thanks Tony

  5. Good luck with the coaching course Dave. Your survey and report shows that there are a lot of aspects to get right to become successful at Internet Marketing. The easiest way to manage all this information is to get a mentor who can guide you through the maze. Making your course affordable will enable more people to become successful. 8)


  6. Hi Dave,

    I too am a product of an Alex Jeffrey coaching course. I was on the very first one. I learned so much from that course, but you never stop learning on this online journey do you.
    I remember a couple of years ago, all I read everywhere was, the money is in the list. Of course now I realise that the statement should say, the money is in how you treat your list.
    It’s good to see someone making good progress. You come across as sincere and that is a refreshing change in this information overload world.


  7. Dave do you have a new blog elsewhere? It seems odd just a busy guy as yourself doesn’t post regularly to keep us up to date! Do please post again soon – been returning here since May and it seems you have nothing to say?? Hope all is well 🙂

    1. Hey Adwello,

      Yes, you’re exactly right, I should keep in touch more!
      I’ve just had sooooooo many projects on the go lately that I really have not had time to keep in touch as mush as I would like to!
      Saying that, as of today I am up to date with everything, still got lots in the pipeline, but I’m on top of it!
      I promise I’ll make a post this week with some great content and regularly after that!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂



  8. Dave very well written thanks for your comments on the different subject. I thought what you wrote was true and that my information overload is just my lack of coaching and taking action. Thanks and have a great day. Rusty

  9. Very interesting report. I’m sick that I was late reading it and missed out on getting to be a part of your class. I have sent my info in case a spot opens but can you send me information regarding cost, length of class and when and if you’ll begin another. I’m very anxious and don’t want to miss out again. Thanks, Jerry

  10. Hi Dave – Sorry didn’t really know where to post this but wanted to copy you for your info. I just posted he following on John’s blog 🙂

    Hey John – Thought you might just be interested to know that I recently listened to your goodself and Dave on the first video by Dave re. “No Hype Marketing”.

    Within that recording you both say and I quote “If you find anything out there that pays you money overnight then please let us know” – well here goes:

    Your programme “Free Monthly Websites” 🙂 thought that you might like to hear about that and it’s absolutely true. Even more astounding is that it was via the free option i.e. I didn’t take the upgrades, at the point of sale.

    Yes I promoted as a free member and made money, within 2 hours actually 🙂 well you did ask !

    Thank You John & Dave

    Graham Price

    1. Hey Graham,

      That’s great!
      It’s really great to hear about people who take a hold of advice and products we create and start earning with them.
      If you did that in 2 hours, imagine what you can do in 2 weeks!



  11. interesting report. Is a pity I missed out on getting to be a part of your coaching class. I have sent my info in case a spot opens but can you send me information regarding cost, length of class and when and if you’ll begin another. I’m very anxious and don’t want to miss out again. Thanks, Princess

  12. Hi Dave,

    Thank you so much for offering this outstanding coaching program at a cost I could not believe . I was referred by someone I consider a mentor, Mike Filsaine. After a couple of years online and failure, after failure (money spent, none earned. I trust him so much that when he gives me shout out, I take action. While I built a web.com website, its not at all ready, I do need your coaching tremendously.

    I’m truly excited and ready to work. I will register very soon, I can’t allow this once in a lifetime opportunity go by.

    Respectfully yours,

    Treva Wilson

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