Why Do You NEED Website Traffic and How Can it Really Help You?

OK guys,

In this post I’m going to highlight a few reasons of actually WHY you do NEED website traffic, just in case you are wondering what the heck it is all about!

First of all, you need to understand that you need traffic/visitors for pretty much everything you do online, and the same applies for offline marketing too.

Imaging a shopping mall with no shoppers, a theater with no audience, or a TV program with no viewers, you see what I’m getting at? All of these things, just like online stuff, ALL NEED some form of traffic in order to work.

Obviously, traffic methods for everything varies, but the fact still remains that you NEED website traffic if you want to succeed online!

Here are just a few reasons why you NEED website traffic:

1. You need website traffic if you want to sell any products online, it’s no use just having a great product if nobody ever sees it.

2. You need website traffic if you want to build your mailing list. We all know how important building a mailing list is, but do you really think that all you have to do is place a squeeze page or an optin form online? You need to send traffic to your squeeze page or optin form in order to get people to sign up. Incidentally, you can join my list if you are not already on, by entering your name and email in the form on the right of this page!Β  => (See what I did there? I re-used the traffic reading this post (you) to build a list :-)).

3. You need website traffic in order to get people to visit your blog or website. Let’s face it, if I never had any traffic methods in place then you would not be reading this post and learning why you need traffic! I know, it’s a weird aint it! The same applies for any website online.

4. You need website traffic if you want to make more money online. At the end of the day it’s all about numbers, the more people that view your websites etc. the more money you make. As an example, if you placed an advert on your website and only 10 people viewed it then you probably would not make any money at all, but if 1000 people viewed it then you’d make a tidy sum, because on average 1% of people take action.

5. You need website traffic if you want to build your brand name and get yourself known. Building your brand name can dramatically increase your business as people tend to trust people they know more and this reflects on buying. However, you still need to give yourself more exposure, so you need more traffic!

6. You need website traffic if you want to increase your social sharing. So if you send more traffic to your Facebook page for example, then more people would respond to your messages causing a viral effect, because their friends would also see it and their friends,Β  and so on… Here’s a link to my Facebook page in case you are interested πŸ™‚

7. You need website traffic if you want the potential to increase your search engine and Alexa ranking. The more traffic you have, the more you get from Google, what I mean by this is let’s say you have 100 websites linking back to your website, Google automatically knows this and gives your website a better ranking, allowing it to be found quicker in the search engines. That’s just one of many examples.

8. You need website traffic if you want to save money on advertising. Once you have streams of quality traffic going to your website then you no longer have to take the chance of paying for your traffic in the form of advertising. You could actually get to the stage where YOU sell the advertising space on YOUR website.

9. You need website traffic if you basically want to have control of your income at your fingertips. Once you have control over your website traffic then you can basically direct it to anything you like, your latest product, the latest affiliate product, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, in fact anything you like! This gives you instant income at the press of a button, so to speak.

Those are just a few of many, MANY reasons why you NEED website traffic, if you have any good ones of your own then let me know and I’ll update my list.

So now you know why you NEED website traffic, all that remains is for me to tell you about the latest and greatest traffic product that will help you get all the traffic you will ever need!

It’s the latest creation from John Thornhill and it’s called ‘Simple Traffic Solutions‘.

In fact, it’s that good I put together my BIGGEST, MOST VALUABLE, MOST TARGETED, HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE BONUS EVER for a $4.95 product.

If there are still some of my bonuses remaining then you can check out everything here.

I hope this post has helped you understand the IMPORTANCE of website traffic, and I hope my bonus helps you get the most from the AWESOME Simple Traffic Solutions.

Please feel free to let me know any of YOUR best FREE traffic methods or any more reasons why you think people NEED traffic.

Please also let me know what you think about Simple Traffic Solutions if you grabbed it, and don’t forget to hit the share/like/tweet buttons on the left of this post or below. πŸ™‚




13 thoughts on “Why Do You NEED Website Traffic and How Can it Really Help You?”

  1. Hi Dave,

    Great post, thanks for all the great information on why we need traffic, it really opened my eyes and made me realize I should start generating some now.
    I’m going to get Simple Traffic Solutions with your bonus now πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Dave,

    Excellent post again, I always follow you and take your advice, but rarely comment.
    This post has helped me a lot, thanks for your honesty and great info.
    Looking forward to getting stuck into STS πŸ™‚
    Best, Sammy.

  3. Hi Dave

    Great post as usual, I really have to agree with you, it’s often said that ‘the money is in the list’, but if you don’t send traffic to the offer, you aint got no list…
    As for STS, i’m still going through the materials, it’s soooo comprehensive, John has over delivered again on this one.Worth every penny of the $4.95.lol
    Kevin Long recently posted..Mind Mapping Made Easy…My Profile

  4. Hey Dave,

    I’ve got your bonus yesterday (or 19 hours ago according to my gmail lol)

    And immediately e-mailed you for the bonuses you are (were?) offering, did you receive my e-mail?

    Please let me know if I need to re-send it, thanks in advance! πŸ˜‰

    Sergio Felix
    Sergio Felix recently posted..A $2000 Dollars Weekend ProjectMy Profile

  5. Hello Dave,

    Great stuff as always and you nailed it as to why we need traffic and of course John nailed it on how to generate traffic.

    You guys are outstanding. I have also used the methods you cover in Total Web Traffic that was a bonus gift from John T. in the Masterclass. So I know that you know traffic generation as well as anyone.

    I purchased Simple Traffic Solutions through our mutual friends Melinda and Omar Martin, but the point is I got it right? LOL

    I look forward to hopefully meeting yourself and John T. and the ‘ rest of the Crew’ this spring at the Orlando Fla. event with the Martins if you can make it.

    To your continued success,

    David Caudill
    David Caudill recently posted..” Has John Thornhill and Omar Martin lost their minds or what?”My Profile

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