Sales Funnels Build Ever Growing Evergreen Income Streams!

Ok, with the recent launch of Omar and Melinda’s AWESOME Buzzinar, I thought I’d write a post that basically explains a little about sales funnels to show you why they are so important and how they can build you Ever Growing, Evergreen Income Streams!

Sales Funnels Build Ever Growing Evergreen Income Streams

So where do you start?

First, you need to understand that a sales funnel is more like an ongoing process of turning your leads into buyers, rather than simply buying or not buying whatever it is you are offering.

For example, let’s say you are selling a product/service, without a funnel in place your prospect will either buy or not buy and that’s where it ends!

However, if you do have a funnel in place that is only the beginning, for the same amount of traffic you are going to get a LOT more return for your efforts.

Here’s an example of a funnel you could initiate that will DRAMATICALLY increase your conversions:

1. Rather than sending your traffic to a sales page you could send them to a squeeze page, possibly offer a free gift that is related to your product/service in return for their name and email. This gives you the opportunity to sell to your prospect at a later date, possibly multiple times. So even if they don’t buy today you have the chance that they will at a later date.

Be sure to only ever offer high quality gifts, we’ve all got far too much crap on our hard drives! 🙂

2. Now you can send your leads to your sales page for your product/service, they still can only buy or not buy, but this time if they don’t buy you still have them on your list, so you can possibly sell to them again at a later date.

3. If your prospect does buy, you can now offer them a higher priced second offer (this is an upsell), products/services that are related to your initial product work best, possibly an upgrade or advanced version.

4. At this stage you could possibly add another third offer if they purchase your second offer.

5. If they decline the higher priced second offer then you can now offer them a lower priced offer from that page (this is a downsell), again, keep this related to your initial offer, possibly a reduced/lite version.

6. Once your prospect has purchased, be sure to add them to another list, this is your buyers list, the most important list you can have!

7. You can now possibly add more offers in your autoresponder follow up messages, here’s a few ready made messages you can use.

If you follow these steps to initiate a Sales Funnel then you will increase your sales/optins exponentially.

Of course this is just one way you can initiate a sales funnel to DRAMATICALLY increase your conversions, if you are going to initiate your own sales funnel, then the best advice I can offer you is to grab Omar and Melinda’s Buzzinar, this gives you everything you need in simple to follow, step by step videos, as well as loads of ready made HTML templates, WordPress themes and plugins that will make your life a LOT simpler with sales funnels!

In fact it’s that good I even offered a MASSIVE bonus for anyone who grabs it from my link, check it out here.

I hope this helps you understand the IMPORTANCE of sales funnels.

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16 thoughts on “Sales Funnels Build Ever Growing Evergreen Income Streams!”

  1. Great post Dave, I purchased Omar and Melinda’s Buzzinar and have started going through it. I am a beginner and have learned alot from Buzzinar and I have only just started going through it. I have been through many sales funnels and have never been through a viral funnel like Buzzinar. I actually purchased the product 3 times, all the bonuses that you guy’s include are hard to resist.

    Brent Martin
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  2. I think a sales funnel is an absolute necessity, however what I don’t agree with is the way I see upsales done, or OTO’s which I hate. To think that you have bought a product that you think is complete in its teaching, as in the original offer, and then to find out after you have purchased the product that there is more that goes to learning that particular subject matter, and that you have to pay more dollars to get the complete product is flat out stealing, misleading, much like the old bait and switch sales, and as far as I am concerned downright
    unethical. Everytime I see someone put up huge bonuses for buying a product I know what’s coming, and unfortunately there are people who fall for this time and time again. I probably miss out on some good stuff but I would hate myself worse falling for this kind of sales maneuver. I would rather have less money and good conscience then the other way around, as I see that not once do we get some information from you, where there is not some kind of push to continually spend money.

    1. Hey Paul,

      I see what you’re saying there with regards to upsells, I agree, the sales page for the initial product should say exactly what you get and you shouldn’t need the upsell to make the initial product work.
      Any upsells should be ‘additional’ products or advanced versions that clearly have a lot more than the initial sales page explains.
      Honest and ethical people will always win over the people out there that try to ‘force’ stuff upon you.
      I personally quite like upsells, it’s simple to say ‘no thanks’, and now and then they are excellent additions to the main product.
      I’m not too keen on the ones that go OTT though, with multiple upsells and multiple exitpops 🙂
      At the end of the day you should get exactly what’s listed on the sales page and nothing less.

      Nice comment, cheers!

      P.S. It’s just like when you go to maccy d’s and ask for a burger, they say “would you like fries with that?” 🙂

  3. Thanks Dave for this thought through informative article, Sales funnels strategies really works in different ways for different people base on how they organize their own marketing strategies. I for one don’t usually like the idea of OTO marketing to me it puts down the worth of the main resource am in need of. But when such is done in a well organized and strategies way its always a welcome resource package.
    Thanks again.
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  4. Hi Dave,

    I’m a first time visitor to your blog and I think you explained this really well. I know that newbies have a hard time understanding the process and how this all works but you really made this simple for us.

    I have to agree with Paul on what he was saying though too because that has really made me mad more times then I care to admit. Purchasing a product and then the upsells start coming in and without them your product isn’t complete. Hey, I know we’re all here to make money but I believe you should over deliver with the initial product and then compliment it with upsells. That way you’re almost guaranteed to have your customers coming back time and time again because you always crank out quality products.

    Thanks again for the great explanation. Sales funnels are a must in this business.

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Rid Spam From Your Facebook News FeedMy Profile

    1. Hey Adrienne,

      First of all.. Welcome to my blog! 🙂
      Yeah, I totally agree with you, over delivering on the initial product must be paramount, before even considering adding an upsell.
      Customers will always return then, as they will get much more than they bargained for!

      Cheers for your comments.


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