How to Set up a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes From Scratch!

Hey guys,

As I’m sure you already know, having your own blog is a VERY important part of any online business or venture.

If you have followed my coaching or anybody’s coaching for that matter, I’m sure one of the first things you are told to do is set up your own blog, and for very good reason too.

Here’s just a few benefits of having your own blog:

1. Having your own blog is great for search engines, search engines love WordPress blogs, giving you INSTANT organic traffic.
2. Having your own blog is great to build your brand name, your brand name is very important, as people need to trust you!
3. Having your own blog is AWESOME for list building, and we all know how IMPORTANT that is!
4. Having your own blog is a great way of providing great content for your subscribers, just like I’m doing right now!
5. Having your own blog is a great way to communicate to your subscribers, just like I’m doing now!
6. Having your own blog is excellent for linking to all your other sites and also other peoples sites, for back linking and additional traffic, kinda like a central hub.
7. Having your own blog is a great way to generate passive income, from products you recommend etc. We all love passive income! πŸ™‚

Best of all, having your own blog is REALLY SIMPLE to do, you can do it in just a few minutes!

In fact, I have created a short video for you to show you how you can set up a WordPress blog in just 5 minutes, including getting a domain name and web hosting, setting up the WordPress blog, adding a custom theme, a custom header and even creating a post with an image… All in roughly 5 minutes. πŸ™‚

Check out the video here:

Here’s the link to Blue Host mentioned in my video.

Here’s a link to get any graphics from GFX-1 you may need.

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30 thoughts on “How to Set up a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes From Scratch!”

    1. Hey Sergio,

      Lol, cheers man, yeah I did the header myself, just a quickie! πŸ™‚
      No it’s not a project, just a freebie that I created to help people.
      Cheers for your comments.



  1. Thanks Dave for this illustrative and simple WordPress creation video tutorial,
    its really helpful and would help give many newbie Bloggers a head start in creating their first WordPress Blog.

    Don’t actually know how this update got to my email but i have just subscribed to your blog and hope to read more informative articles and watch more of such Videos from You cause you are really doing a great Job Here.

    Thanks Bro.
    Stories Trending Now recently posted..Billionaire’s Generous Gift To A strangerMy Profile

  2. Hi Dave,
    Long time since I’ve visited your blog.
    I’ve had a few personal issues to sort out over the last year, mostly at least partially resolved now, so hopefully be in a position to return to the fray in the near future?
    So, it was great to receive your email of this excellent post to remind me of how simple it is to create a wordpress blog. And I fully intend to get my blogsite back on track, which I’m sure with your help that will be sorted too?
    just need a kick or 3 to keep me motivated!
    and will have to check out former students blogs also, as there will have been alot of new info posted, I’m sure.
    Thanks again Dave,
    Richard Davy recently posted..Common SEO MistakesMy Profile

    1. Hey Richard,

      Yeah, good to see you again!
      Good to hear your issues have mostly been solved, all the best with that.
      Thanks for your comments, if you need a kick I’m happy to do that! πŸ™‚



  3. Thank you, Dave, for this cool 5-minute WP blog setup. It renews a bit of hope in me that I might be able to do this also. I have a different hosting account – and do not have a clue about creating a header.
    Again, I appreciate the instruction!

  4. Hi, Dave,
    Simple is better, as we all know.
    If your visitors don’t realize the full potential of this article, they’d better engage to your coaching one-on-one. Quickly, very quickly!
    I’ve been telling you this from time to time, for some years now, but here it goes again – Best wishes,

      1. Hey Dave I want to appolagise about my product not being launched yet, there was an issue with WordPress, nothing to do with blogs lol. Anyways I have been working on it and wandered if I could send you a link when finished to have a peek. I’m back to day job today so should finish in my spare time after work and hopefully complete by Monday! I tell you what I am not going to be so confident about launch dates in future as things can go wrong that delay you lol
        Carl recently posted..Full Rebrand Rights Included – Act Quick!My Profile

  5. Dave,

    Great job on the video, the graphics look great as well. I do have a complaint though, you have not been posting to your blog in a while. I have read every post on yours, John’s and Dan’s blogs, I need some fresh reading material. I love reading what you guys write, it’s very informative and helpful to a newbie like myself. Keep up the good work.

    Brent Martin
    Brent Martin recently posted..My Amazon FBA BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hey Brent,

      Cheers for your compliments, much appreciated.
      Yeah, I know I don’t post as much as I should, just have to prioritize stuff and post when I have the time.
      I do however try to make all my posts count, so rather than post crap every day/week I try to make posts that help people, I think quality is much better than quantity πŸ™‚



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