How to Add a Custom Optin Popup on Your Website or Blog

Hey guys,

I have had quite a few people ask me how to add a custom optin popup on a website or blog and have it effectively work, so I have created a short video with some additional screenshots that shows exactly how you can do this.

I’m sure we all know the importance of building a list, but just in case you don’t, take it from me, it’s VERY important! It’s also important to utilize every bit of traffic you receive to your website/blog, so if you have an optin form that is not grabbing subscribers attention, then that’s nearly as bad as not having one at all.

It really is very simple if you take my advice and use the Aweber method, also, once you have done it once you can use that template for other lists so it’s even easier.

I also managed to get a great deal for my subscribers only on a Super High Quality Image to attract those all important subscribers.

The reason I used a very large high quality image was quite simply to attract more subscribers, plus it is a lot harder to miss πŸ™‚

Go and take a look at the video and see just how simple it is, please reply to the post if you found it useful.



How to Add an Optin Popup on Your Website or Blog

Links mentioned in video:

Aweber Autoresponder – Absolute essential if you want to succeed online!

GFX-1 Graphics – This is a special link for a high quality optin graphic, but there are many other great graphics on there, I use ‘Steve’ at GFX-1 for just about everything!

Step 1

Aweber Popup Step 1

Step 2

Aweber Popup Step 2

Step 3

Aweber Popup Step 3

Step 4

Aweber Popup Step 4

Step 5

Aweber Popup Step 5

Step 6

Aweber Popup Step 6

P.S. Don’t forget to reply and let me know if you found this useful, and remember, an in-effective/un-attractive optin is nearly as bad as no optin!

56 thoughts on “How to Add a Custom Optin Popup on Your Website or Blog”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I was debating for a long time whether or not to use one of these on my site. I have used the slider on the bottom of my blog which I didn’t find too intrusive. Have you any data on how effective the pop up is at capturing visitors? Obviously you reckon its a good idea. Cheers for now.



    1. Hey Clive,

      Sorry, I don’t have any stats as such, but it defo increased subscribers for me.
      Why don’t you try it without for a week then try it with for a week and get some stats based on your own traffic.



  2. Hi Dave,

    Yes; I certainly found this Blog Post useful!

    Thanks for creating such an interesting and easy to follow video. I have always wondered how to create large custom designed Opt-In Pop-Ups like this. Amazing!


  3. Hi Dave

    Great video… really clear and concise.

    It has just come at the right time for me…just had a new optin designed by Steve @ GFX.

    I was just in the process of deciding when to get it up on the site, so I had better get a move on and sort it out.

    I just love it when you do the How to video’s, as things always slip your mind when it’s been a while.

    Thanks Dave



  4. Well done Dave. It just shows the full power of Aweber and what guys really do overlook.

    Awesome video and super cool tip!! Will deffo be using it in the future πŸ˜€


  5. Hi Dave,

    Now that’s a way to use an opt-in form to its fullest.

    Very informative, I had been thinking of using a pop up form for a while now and know that Aweber offers them in different ways for one to use, but seeing how you’ve laid it out is now making me think of getting some proper graphic made with steve and going for it.

    Good stuff Dave, always helpful with the videos.


  6. Damn – I just spent $37 on pop up domination… lmao
    I hadn’t realised it was this easy with just the aweber form creator.



  7. Absolutely, it’s useful Dave.

    I shall be ordering some graphics first thing tomorrow and hopefully I will see my optins increase very soon. My normal optin that’s in place at the moment converts but not as much as i would like πŸ™

    Kerry Russell

    1. Hey Kerry,

      Yeah, when optins aren’t working to their fullest, you are letting a lot of your traffic go to waste and it’s time to make some changes.
      Keep changing, testing and tweaking!



  8. Hey Dave,

    I’ve been thinking about using a pop up on my blog, and it’s looking you’ve just swayed my descision!

    I think you’re right about the pop up giving you more success because of the in your face temptation, great to see the added graphical background, looks more professional than the default AWeber opt in form.

    Anyway Dave love the post and its great to see the step by step video, more people can now jump on board with their own custom made pop up….Ed.

  9. Thank You for putting up this video. You make it very easy to understand and followalong. I will be using this in the very near future.



  10. Hi Dave,

    I’ve been meaning to find out how this is done. I see this type of thing on a lot of blogs. Thanks so much for sharing this powerful information and making it so simple to understand.

    Terry Conti

  11. Top quality video, Dave and you did a great job of explaining the steps!

    I too am amazed by the power of Aweber, I’ve been using it for the last 3 years but still learned several things I didn’t know!

    I’ve been using list crew to capture opt-ins on my blog and have found this so much more effective than my own opt-in form (list crew is a co-operative of IM blogs/sites so my opt-in appears on other sites within the co-operative in addition to my own)

    Visit my blog to see it in action.

    Keep up the good work!


  12. Hey Dave,

    About time you did this video (I was one of the people that requested it ) and I can see already how powerful this is, I’ve already added my pop up to my blog and I’ll be teaching my students how to do the same by sending them here.

    Great stuff mate.

  13. Hi Dave,
    Awesome, detailed info! I too will be using this kind of opt-in form on my blog, as the one I have right now is static.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to applying what I learned from your video.


  14. Dave,
    Your video greatly encouraged me with a way to grow my list. Thank you for the very clear instructions which I’ve taken notes on. I’ll get it up and running as soon as my graphic is made.


  15. Hi Dave
    I noticed that while watching the video on the pop up optin that you were offering free ebooks to anyone the subscribes to your list, Could you tell us how to do this.

  16. Hey Dave, great post. Dead easy to follow and really informative. I followed your instructions and threw one at my blog. I had to play around with some of the Aweber padding options to get the input fields aligned (only becuase I wanted them in a slightly different position) but found it easy following your video.

    Thanks for the tutorial


  17. Hi Dave, I have set this same type popup on my blog and so far it seems to be working very well. Your video explanation of it is really clear, I think everyone should try it out and test the results.
    Cheers, Keith.

    1. Hey Keith,

      Cheers for the reply, I’m pleased it’s working well for you.
      Yeah, good point there, everybody should test the results and see what works best with their subscribers.



  18. I have always stayed away from pop ups. Basically because I hate seeing them myself, but if it works then maybe I have been missing out. I supose the truth is, that it pays to split test everything.

  19. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for explaining how to do this, I’m going to add it onto my to do list.
    I’ve seen a couple of blogs with this kind of pop-up on and it definately stands out so has to be worth.



  20. Hi Dave,

    I have your Free Reports, brandable reports. Now I must find some Idea how to do this all thing on my Blog or something else. I must look again your Valuable Video. Thank you for that.


  21. Hi Dave

    I am a fellow (an old one) student of Alex Jeffreys and am impressed with your Optin PopUp comments and will be looking for more info in the future. Please follow me back at my Blog.

  22. Hi Dave

    Thanks for a great video on the most important IM topic of all- and thanks for the
    Gfx-1 tip too!

    I’m impressed that you manage to reply to all the comments you get, too!


  23. hi dave

    this is a great idea ive been meaning to set something like this up but didnt knows how to thanks dave for the free infomation every step fall into place like you were standing along side me as your instructions are very clear to understand and i dont need to go over each step again as you ouline it to the tee

    thanks again dave all your materiel are top noch just like the total web traffic
    membership programme you wrote sometime ago thanks dave speak soon.



  24. Thanks Dave,

    I’m just going through Johns 1 Month Mentor program and setting up my blog and was having a problem getting the padding to work so steve sent me over to this post. It helped me get my popup working so thanks mate.

    Very good blog by the way.

    Lee McKenna

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