Highlights of 2011 and $100 Gift for YOU!

Hey guys,

2011 HighlightsOK, so another year has almost passed us by again, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! πŸ™‚
I’m going to go over some of the things that I have been up to this year, as posting regular updates wasn’t one of them! πŸ™‚
As last years little competition was such a success, I’m going to do the same again this year and hopefully give some lucky reader $100 cash!
It’s real simple, all you have to do is to reply to this post with YOUR personal highlight of the year, I’ll then put all the names into a hat and randomly choose the lucky $100 winner!

So here’s MY personal highlights of 2011:

January 2011 – The first thing I did in January was to launch the new look for my Planet Divinity website, it’s kind of a central hub for me and home to some great turnkey websites.
I then told you about Matt Garrett’s Instant Article Videos, and how simple it was to turn all your articles into videos, the feedback I received on this was great!
Later that month was the launch of Michael Cheney’s My Millionaire Mentor, where myself and John Thornhill teamed up to put an awesome bonus package together with the hope of providing you all with some great content and also win his affiliate contest at the same time, we did win it thanks to all of you and we gave over $2,000 to charity too.

February 2011 – In February I re-launched Multi Profit Monthly with John Thornhill, a 12 month course where we show people how to duplicate our success, using all the methods that we have used to succeed online.
Then John Thornhill launched his excellent One Month Mentor program, which is 31 days of TOP QUALITY training, aimed to get you started FAST!

March 2011 – The first thing to come in March was a superb free eBook from my good friend Daniel Sumner, that shows you exactly how to create and more importantly market an eBook, it was called The eBook Cycle.
Later that month myself and John offered you $8,174+ worth of just about all of our best selling products for what can only be described as a truly INSANE price, it was 72 Hours of Complete Madness!

April 2011 – In April my good friends Tony Shepherd and Tony Newton launched a cracking 4 week training course that basically shows you how to create and Flip WordPress Blogs! Awesome stuff!
later that month Myself and John Thornhill launched a fantastic piece of software that creates Facebook like pages in under a minute, it was called Like Page Builder, and the best part was we gave you it for FREE!

May 2011 – In May I had been working behind the scenes with Omar Martin to create a FREE source for you to find out all about the people and products online, it was called IM Trustworthy, and it’s now very widely used and respected.
May was also the time that my good friend Stevie at GFX-1 created a brand new collection of Over 1,500, High Quality, Professional Website Graphics, excellent for ‘instant’ web pages that look amazing!
Later this month my good friend Lee McIntyre released a controversial free video where he revealed the 3 weird little strategies that he used to build a SEVEN FIGURE online business in record time, it was called Instant Internet Lifestyle and it really was lifestyle changing stuff!
Later that month my good friend Socrates Socratous launched a ‘killer’ product, it was called Killer Content and it was that good that I offered a BONUS of over $1,594.00 just for anyone who purchased through my link! Cracking stuff!

June 2011 – June was when I launched Affiliate Ad Rotator, this was a product I teamed up with John Thornhill on, basically, it displays and rotates ClickBank IMAGE banner ads. We all know how well images work instead of just plain text, well, this gives you the perfect ads for your websites or blogs, we even have an option for users to add their own ads to our database, giving excellent exposure!
Around mid June, John Thornhill and Keith Purkiss launched Push Button Giveaway, a great product that basically makes using giveaway events ‘push button’ πŸ™‚
Soon after that I launched PLR Monthly 2.0, myself and Daniel Sumner made this to be what we think is the greatest PLR resource site in the world… Bar none! We added a shed load of content to our already great content, far too much to list here! Around the end of June my good friend John Thornhill launched a ‘Warrior Special Offer’ for only $12, it was called Affiliate Promo Formula, giving you a blueprint of how to make BIG bucks with affiliate promotions.

July 2011 – This was when John Thornhill launched his $497 Coaching Program for only $19, no catches or anything, just a single $19 payment for his cracking coaching program.
Around mid July was when my good friend Omar Martin launched his excellent ‘My Unfair Advantage‘ which was basically some TOP quality software, training and support from REAL experts. This was so good that I also offered a $497 BONUS just for anyone who purchased through my link!
Near the end of July I teamed up with John Thornhill to launch ‘72 Hours of Complete Madness‘, we really went to town with this one, giving you 3 days to grab an AWESOME package of products, if you missed this then you should kick yourself! πŸ™‚

August 2011 – The start of August was when me and John launched Multi Profit Monthly in a $5 Warrior Special Offer, this was an amazing success and if you took advantage of it then you got a superb deal for only $5!
Later that month we launched the Simple Success System series, the first one shows you via FREE webinar, how we generated over 8 million from multiple income streams! Soon after that John launched another, called 3 Steps to Success.

September 2011 – At the start of September my good friend Jim Cockrum launched a cracking course called quite simply The Proven Amazon Course, with Amazon getting even bigger and Jim’s extensive knowledge and experience, it’s no surprise that this was an amazing success for him!$
Around the middle of September John launched another great WSO, this one was called Profit from PLR, you basically got a great $97 product for only $5! Soon after that my good friend Alex Jeffreys launched an awesome FREE report showing you how he generated 1 MILLION in just 21 days, and how you can do the same too, it really was good stuff!
Around the end of September Jim Cockrum launched a great bok that was basically the result of a decade worth of ideas that Jim has collected and found REALLY work, it was called Free Marketing, and it really was an excellent read, Jim also gave the proceeds to charity…What a guy!

October 2011 – The first thing that highlighted October for me was an excellent bit of software from Robert Black, this usually sold for $77, but as a WSO you got it for just $5 ($10 now), I thought this was great!
Around the middle of October I launched an AWESOME WSO with John Thornhill, we offered you one of our best selling $197 products for just $5, it was Multi Profit Websites.
At the end of October John launched his excellent WSO Domination, this gave you a step by step blueprint to creating a WSO and making money from it. As with any great product I also offered a BONUS again too!

November 2011 – This was when we launched ClickBank Affiliate Master in a WSO special for only $5! It’s an excellent piece of software that allows you to create multiple ‘custom’ ClickBank affiliate links and pages, we use this software on just about all our products, and it helps pull in thousands, if not TENS of THOUSANDS worth of ADDITIONAL sales.
Around the middle of November was when my good friend Stevie B launched a cracking Video Template Pack in a WSO, you guys loved this!

December 2011 – Well I’m sure you can remember this, but I teamed up with John to give you guys yet another AWESOME BONUS, this time it was for PLR Jackpot, an awesome PLR package. Oh, it’s available again for a limited time if you missed out!
Around the middle of December myself and John launched our hugely successful WSO Success program, this sold out right away, but you can still get on the waiting list for next time.
Soon after that my good friend Stevie B launched another ‘PREMIUM’ Video Template Pack via WSO, another great essential!
I’m sure you saw our Festive Blowout just after Christmas, this really was an AWESOME package of some seriously high quality products from us, I hope you managed to grab it before it was gone, if you missed it then you missed a treat! πŸ™‚

OK, so that’s basically my highlights of 2011, I also did a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, which I’ll tell you about some other time!

Sorry if this post went on a little longer than expected, but there was a lot to fit in!

Remember, if you hit reply and let me know your marketing highlight of 2011, I’ll put your name in a draw for $100 cash!
I’ll make the draw in a week or two and send the cash instantly! You must be able to receive the cash via Paypal, if you cannot and you still wish to enter, I will donate the cash to a deserving charity in your name.

Please make sure you use your best email address when you reply, as I will need to contact you on it if you win!

Good luck for the $100 cash draw and I hope you have a great 2012.

Happy New Year!


P.S. Oh, don’t forget to ‘re-tweet’ and ‘like’ below please πŸ™‚

108 thoughts on “Highlights of 2011 and $100 Gift for YOU!”

  1. Nice recap. So why has some one not done a training video on how to build a web site and then upload it to a domain?

    1. Yes you do have tutorials that I have gone over 20 times. Have a domain sitting there doing nothing for a year so will give it one more shot. For non techie people a referal link would be SO much easier.

  2. my name is Tommy, I’m an amazon affiliate marketer. Since early 2011, I sensed trouble how to get the right sales and conversions. I was weak in marketing and SEO that gets results but I am still a little spirit to market affiliate products for 2012.

    this is the result of my income since January 2011:

    hopefully better future πŸ˜€

    Happy New Year 2012

  3. It is a wonderful list of what you and friends sold in 2011. I worked all year and finally sold one Festive with one upgrade so it almost paid for my own purchase of one Festive plus one upgrade. This was my first ever money to go into my paypal account!
    I’m still working my way through John’s old coaching program that I picked up as a special for $19.00 or thereabouts…get distracted by trying to find emails to put in aweber for my 4 subscribers!
    Bought several more like the WSO but haven’e even looked at it as I’ve been so busy trying to keep my sites up to date with content.
    I still have a lot to learn, so for 2012, think what needs to go on the adgenda is LEARN AND DO as a package so programmed so I have to Learn…then Do before I can go on to the next Learn.

    I’ve found though, I need to get away from the computer some, Need to take a walk outdoors, go somewhere (even if just to take the trash to the Dump I live in a very rural area so we have “dump centers” ), or talk to someone and get a different point of view. Have a great 2012.

    1. Hey Carolyn,

      That’s great! Keep going the way you did with festive and you’ll be sure to increase loads in the New Year!
      Here’s a few ready to go email autoresponder messages for you if you like – http://www.dave-nicholson.com/free/Ready_to_Go_Quality_ClickBank_Products.zip
      Yeah, I would defo recommend you take one purchase at a time and put it into effect as soon as possible.
      Also, as you said, try to get a break whenever you can, I always go for a walk with the dogs for at least an hour or two every day, it clears the mind! πŸ™‚



  4. Hi Dave!

    I’ll bite! My marketing highlight this year has to be the successful launch of Stuart Turnbull’s & my newest product, the Prints Make Profits Workshop Kit – a COMPLETE business-in-a-box! (http://printsmakeprofitsworkshop.com)

    Not only was it a BLAST to create with Stuart, but the first set of students are REALLY getting a TON out of it! In fact we sold the first twelve slots WITHOUT a sales page! How cool is that!

    Our new partnership has been a true blessing, and the BRAND NEW products that we are producing are going over SO well!

    Thanks for the chance to give ourselves some props!

    Best Deb (& Stuart!)

  5. My personal highlights were finally creating a fixed term membership product AND moving our family of 7 to Costa Rica.

    Thanks for offering those products on WSO’s for $5. Definitely bought my fair share of them! LOL! Looking forward to what you offer in the coming year. Happy 2012!

  6. Hey Dave.

    A very happy new year to you! and may the yr ahead be brighter than ever.

    My highlight of this was my launch with your good friend JT. That was my first ever 4 figure week…..

    But that wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t get the great results from being a Giveaway host as I have done!


    1. Hey Kerry,

      Yeah, you are already on route for a great 2012, just keep doing what you are currently doing and you’re set for BIG things!
      Keep up the great work Kerry.



  7. Thanks for the link my friend πŸ˜€ and WOW what a productive year Dave. Some amazing achievements there. I’m sure you and we can create some amazing material in 2012.

    Have a great New Year Dave all the best to you and yours. Put me in the draw for charity mate πŸ˜€


    1. Hey Dan,

      Yeah mate, here’s to a lot more ventures together and hopefully help a lot of people in the process!
      Very kind of you to offer your winnings if you win to charity mate, noted!



  8. Hi Dave
    Great post to end the year, my highlight was seeing my new blog going live after 3 weeks of your mate, John Thornhill’s coaching program,amazin’. 2012 will be a great year for me and mine, so all the best to you and yours.


  9. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for providing the updates from 2011.

    I personally have found out the hard way that the money IS in the List, so I created a blog from my primary affiliate site and I am just focusing on giving visitors free reports that may benefit them. Some I ask for their email, etc., but most will be free with no opt-in required. So along with that I just intend to continue to provide great content to our visitors.

    Thanks much,

    Dave O.

  10. Hi my name is Santana. I recently started affiliate marketing and I’ve just earned my first $1 with an email and name submission. I never thought that making my
    first $1 online would be such a big deal.

  11. Hi although I did trial your Multi Profit Websites software Dave, my personal favourite was Google Affiliate X from Robert Black. An incredible price and it can be used with more than just Clickbank as well so check it out (see October above).

  12. Thanks Dave for you insights, I am busy setting up my Simple Success System its great to be working with you. Have a great 2012.

  13. Hey Dave,

    Amazing recap you have here mate!

    I don’t have my own highlights sorted by month but here are a few of the most important ones:

    – started creating my list
    – bought a premium wordpress theme
    – took my Alexa’s ranking under 100k after just 3 months
    – started recording videos for the first time
    – paid for my first ever mentor
    – taking action like a madman lately!

    Basically that was it.

    I’m really thrilled because I have set the bar as high as I could for 2012 and I’m planning to reach it and go beyond that!

    All the best Dave and thanks for sticking out on the good guy’s side of marketing. πŸ˜‰


    PS. Bought my way in to John Thornhill’s Coaching where you also appear and I’ll be delivering my first goodies hopefully on January.

  14. Hi, I joined Amazon’s FBA program this year and bought Jim’s Proven Amazon Course. This Christmas was my first at selling toys on Amazon. It was fun to see how fast they sold through the FBA program. I also joined JT’s WSO Domination and WSO Development programs and plan to create my own WSOs in2012. I started a business selling online marketing to offline businesses in 2011 and am anxious to see what I can do with that in 2012. I have plenty to do in 2012 and so grateful that I finally took action after about five years of just buying the next shiny object one after the other and going nowhere.

  15. Hi Dave,
    my marketing highlight of 2011 was finding you, John Thornhill and Randy Smith. There is so much BS, hype and false promises in IM that to find stand up blokes such as yourselves was a godsend. (Anyone reading this who is unsure of taking the leap into IM then don’t think twice when it comes to these blokes. They are all the real deal. They tell it like it is.) I only wish I had found you blokes BEFORE I spent a lot of cash on false promises.

  16. What an inspiration you are to the rest of us. Such dedication to your followers and subscribers. Lots of activity.

    Here are a few of my highlights for the year:

    Joined John’s Masterclass
    Went to a Live the4 Dream II seminal in Orland, Fl.
    Went to the first ever “Maximum Leverage Inner Circle Live” event in Baltimore.
    bought multiprofit website wso
    bought WSO Domination

    Thanks again,


  17. Hi Dave
    Happy New Year.
    Yeah, I fell for a few WSO’s too! Will hopefully go through them in detail this year.
    I started 2 new blogs from scratch last year and can now configure and set them up properly.
    I learnt an awful lot for my first year on the Internet.
    I am creating a product (which Daniel has seen and likes) so want to finish that and that will be my highlight of 2012.

  18. My marketing highlight was creating and launching my first WSO. It was an exciting process, which taught me a lot. I plan on doing a minimum of 12 WSO’s in 2012.

  19. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the Free Monthly Website program first of all, and …

    My highlight(s) of the year include:

    Recovering from my kidney transplant surgery (YAY),
    Starting into internet marketing,
    Gathering up tons of materials to begin my marketing efforts,
    Learning how to make page using html and some minor scripts (more learning on the way each day),
    Setting a success path for my online career as oObPublishers.com (OOB – Outside Of the Box Publishers) and finally after all the learning by reading …
    Signing up for thousands of emails and offers (to learn what guys like you do to get people to CLICK HERE NOW) – and …
    The biggest highlight was avoiding paying for every thing everyone says is the greatest thing since girls in bikini’s.

    Now I am building out two sites, the first is http://oObpublishers.com and the second is http://IMWordpress.com

    one will be the free info and free members area and the second strictly paid members (http://www.facebook.com/IMWordpress) will be my primary catalyst to getting my initial members at low cost – had 27 sign up to site without any push and gave them freebies for that – just so I could name the FB Page and grab the corresponding domain –

    Now the push is on for 2012 to make it work … with you guys as leaders and inspirations as well as mirroring your success strategies along with just a handful of others like Kern, Burchard and Filsaime – I think oObie Wan Kanoobie will be a success …. (how do you like my nick hahaha) … thanks …

    hey I’ll take that $100 so I can pay for 4 months hosting … lol thanks …

    1. Hey Don,

      You’re very welcome!
      Sounds like you’ve come a long way in 2011!
      Lol, love your nick πŸ™‚
      You’re in the draw for the $100, along with all those who replied, good luck!



  20. Somewhere around the middle of this year I realized that I could earn a full-time living in this business. For philosophical reasons, I decided to keep my day job, but I re-evaluate my employment status almost weekly. Just arriving at that realization was certainly a highlight for me.

    1. Hey Robert,

      It’s great that you actually realized where you needed to make the change, I’m sure you’ll know when the time is right to make the next step!
      I predict you will have an awesome 2012! πŸ™‚



  21. Hi Dave,

    An excellent post. Blimey,you have something for every month. Highlight of 2011, not sure if I have one to be hones, not the best of years for me. However, I improved on 2010, that’s for sure. I bought a number of products from yourself and John T. I also bought a number of other products from Stuart Turnbull and Deb Henry to name a few. Latterly I have been concentrating on Public Domain stuff. I am hoping that I can improve in 2012. I bought a diary last year for writing stuff down, hardly used. I bought one for this year….intend to use it.

    I look forward to all your releases in 2012. I did promise myself that this will be the year of doing, not buying, sometimes I can’t help it.

    Dave, all the very best for 2012 to you and yours.



    1. Hey Donald,

      Cheers man, much appreciated!
      Yeah, make this year the one you take action on all your purchases, I’m sure that will work great for you!
      All the best to you and yours too Donald.



  22. Hi Dave – Happy New Year!

    I read your post with interest because this year was the year I started realising I had to “get serious” about making money online.

    So I bought/signed up to several of the products you mention in the first few months – then I got seriously side-tracked – that’s another sad story πŸ˜›

    Anyway, my highlight – signing up with John to work under his guidance and now I’m working toward a “joint” product launch, as John is so generous to call it! πŸ™‚

    I had thought that the best way to go forward was to produce something new each month – and your post certainly supports this vision. My! what a busy bee!

    Hope to emulate it for myself this year.


  23. Hi Dave
    well, you had a good year it seems.

    I have been learning internet marketing over a year but not taking action so had no success.

    So I thought I should risk something in order to succeed.

    In this last 3 months only i started my real journey and bought the domain name and hosting and started my First blog.

    I bought autoresponder and wrote some emails with affiliate links .

    I participated in giveaway events as contributor and kept some gifts and I got my own subscribers ( a small numbers only ).

    For the First Time I got my First dollar online.

    I learned a lesson :
    Taking Action is one of the Key to success .

    BTW, I am one of your coaching student(not yet completed the course fully)
    and from you only I have learned how to build my blog.Thank you for that.

    I bought so many products from you and john and always look for your emails.

    I took little action and got my first dollar and some subscribers as well.

    Now I have to increase my subscribers and build my relationship with them.

    Now What would YOU advice me in order to succeed in this New Year ?

    1. Hey Prasanth,

      Yeah, I’ve been a tad busy this year!
      Sounds like you’re on the right track there, especially with my guidance.
      I would suggest you think about creating your own product, I’ll show you exactly how to do this in my coaching.



  24. Highlight? Finally… launching our FastPLR site. Huge job to find or produce high quality products. Writing, designing and graphic skills were all much improved. It was a gradual process and really hard at times, but as someone once told me at an internet marketing seminar… “If you don’t give up… you can’t fail!” 2012 is going to be bigger and better. Looking forward to it.
    Thanks for everything in 2011.

  25. Hi Dave,

    First off I’d like to say thanks Dave and John for your help in 2011 .Every thing you done helped me out greatly .Dave you helped me out with getting traffic with your Total Web Traffic course, and when building my site I installed your Affiliate Ad Rotator I put on my site. A FaceBook Like Page Builder I can use On Facebook. Is this really the last year like they say I hope it just a new great your.2011 is gone if you did not finish up what you wanted to do maybe you can get er done in 2012.2011 was a great year for getting er done for me .I finished my One Month Mentor membership training classes with John Thornhill on product creation .I started building this blog in march and will continue to build and remodel from now on into the future never static always changing .I began my ebook creation in march I got er done put it up on my sale’s website, finished my affiliates web page ,finished my thank you page. I sighed up for a new click bank account and submitted my ebook .I then got approved so I installed my ebook on clickbank .After going thru and checking to see if all the links and downloads worked I went live with my new ebook it’s for sell now on click bank .This is one of my biggest accomplishments in 2011 for me and I’m sooo happy I was able to do some things like this. In 2012 I’m going to try to do something for each month at the end of the year I should had 12 things done. We will see! I am in a class that I’m am learning how to put up WSOs on the warrior forms .The class is with John Thornhills WSO Domination training I bought it thru Dave Nicolson’s link he is partnered with John. Then Id Like to put up some websites that I get Free Every month one for each month in 2012. These free sites I get from Dave and John are already set up to be put on the web and start making money. The free sites are called Free Monthly Web Sites 2.0 you can also upgrade from the free to a more advanced paid version with more options. I hope everybody will have a great new year 2012.

    To Your Success

    1. Hi Zora,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words, much appreciated.
      It sounds like you have done really well in 2011 and are going to do a lot better in 2012.
      Keep it up!



  26. You have been a busy boy, haven’t you! Keep the good stuff rolling. My marketing highlight for 2011 was making my first sale. I’m off and running!


  27. Hi Dave, Great post.

    I just wanted to say that I’m taking on board a lot of what I learned recently from your good self and of course J.T. For a year now, I’ve been moving from one IM offer to another to another and not settling on any one; thereby going nowhere fast. Chopping and changing gets you absolutely nowhere!

    I’ve bought several of yours and JT’s products but I’m settling on Multi Profit Monthly as it is packed with the greatest info, a bit daunting but I’ve set my mind on making money in 2012 and the way forward is with a mentor(s) (You and JT.)

    I look at it this way, if you try to push too many cars you’ll not move any of them very far. Concentrate on pushing one car and you’ll soon have it moving along nicely!

    Thanks for all the good stuff through 2011 Dave and keep it coming!!

    All the best for the new year to you, JT and all your subscribers.

    Kind Regards,


  28. Hi Dave, Just a quick caveat to my previous post, I’m also going to unsubscribe from every other list I’m on so I can concentrate on just yours and JT’s info. That way I can’t become distracted and lead away from the task(s) in hand.

    My inbox is filled daily with stuff from many different people promoting the same offer/product on behalf of the vendor. It all gets too much sometimes. I think the need to slim down what’s coming in is vital to keep on track.

    Best Regards,


  29. Nothing very grand here, just a better understanding of it all.
    The personal highlight for me was simply ‘realisation’.
    Realisation that this process of making money online from home can actually work.
    Realisation that to make it work, some effort is required
    Final realisation, analyse the results of the efforts, improve on them, and don’t give up.

    1. Hey Brian,

      Sometimes it’s these ‘simple’ things that can make the world of difference, especially when you realize what you need to be doing in order to get results!
      Keep it up Brian, I’ll highlight your words ‘don’t give up’!



  30. Think mine is short but good! I made my very first affiliate sales with the Festive Offer, used Twitter a lot with a link to the post on my site, they bought the offer and 1 upsell.
    First time ever Money went into PalPal instead of out.
    Since I’m 71, put up my first wordpress site in March,2011 to try Internet Marketing it has been a long haul.
    Still going through John’s coaching program (bought marked down) and working on one site (had the offer on it)! Site is still a mess, but interesting! Still need to redo my optin…..but I’ll get there!

    1. Hey Carolyn,

      Wow, making big affiliate sales like that could be the start of something BIG for you.
      I’d recommend you keep doing what you are doing and utilize your coaching.
      I’m sure in no time at all you’ll have it looking great!
      If you need help just ask!



  31. Hi Dave and HNY 2012 to you! My highlight of 2011 will sound very simple but gave me a lot of confidence and it’s all down to your and one of your cool products!

    I had been blogging for some time, regularly posting honest product reviews but not seeing a lot of blog traffic and not making any money as an affiliate so I was intrigued by your Facebook Like Builder and I wondered if having a like page could help drive readers to my blogs. When you decided to launch it as a free product I felt this would help a lot of people like myself so I wrote several blog posts about the offer and how having a Like Page can help bloggers and anyone with a business to promote.

    Now what happened was that for the first time three different blogs I write all made it into the top 30 results on Google search for various Facebook related terms because I had taken time to research keywords and thread these into the content of my posts. So I began to get a whole boatload of organic SEO traffic I had never experienced before. It feels like WOW when that happens through your own efforts!

    So in a short time I began to get Clickbank commissions when people chose your paid subscription option. I hadn’t made any CB sales before! That felt WOW too!

    I can honestly say this one CB product you designed did it for me – the breakthrough from newbie to seasoned affiliate marketer. I had made a lot of money previously online through auction sites but never made any affiliate income until Facebook Like Page Builder! I felt inspired to write blog posts about your free offer, took massive action, and finally enjoyed success as an affiliate.

    My next step forward for 2012 will be to build on this early success by building my own list of subscribers to recommend further products I find useful. Marketing success is slowly built one step at a time, and thanks to you, Dave, I am several steps further on than this time last year! And I’m stepping a good deal taller too πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Adwel,

      All the best to you too!
      I’m pleased that you have taken advantage of one of my products and made it work BIG time for you!
      Even better when it’s a free product and it costs you nothing more than your time to get results.
      You keep doing that and I’m sure you’ll have an awesome 2012!
      You could even make a product showing people how to make a success of their blogs with the use of like pages, people always want products that REALLY work!
      Cheers for your compliments and comments,


  32. I guess my #1 highlight this year was that I started making some money. I have some health issues so I was pretty broke, so I put up some free squeeze pages and used a couple different free autoresponders and managed to build lists with combined subscribers of over 700. Got into the habit of providing regular, frequent content with some offers sprinkled in and what do you know, I started making some sales.

    I also put up a free weebly site w/blog for the ex back niche using long tail keywords and using mainly social bookmarking over time have gotten it on the first page of google for some terms, and first page of yahoo and bing for some terms. Towards end of the year I started to make some Clickbank sales (along with some other niches) and finally qualified to get a check.

    Also, last month, a squidoo lens I put up is showing up on googles first page for 3 variations of my keyword phrase and in the top spot last time I checked for the primary two word keyword. Made 2 clickbank sales from it so far.

    For 2012, I’m going to take any extra money I can afford and start buying domains and putting up niche sites for amazon, clickbank and CJ.

    Oh yeah, I finally started writing some articles which I think helped through backlinking to get my weebly and squidoo lens up there.

    Anyway, I’ve been subscribed to your list for a couple of years and appreciate everything I’ve learned from you.

    Happy New Year,

    Mike G.

    1. Hey Mike,

      You’ve battled through there but it sounds like you know what you’re doing!
      I hope 2012 is an even better year for you.
      Thanks for your comments.



  33. My highlights for the year was that I bought the MultiProfit Wensite and this helped greatly in me setting up my sites.

    Also I was able was actual able to make a grand total of $193.06 finally in affiliate commissions!

  34. For my comment above I put the wrong email. The email address for this comment is the one I am subscribed to your list with.

  35. You have some awesome achievements their Dave! Congrats!!

    I can’t think of anything impressive, as I wasn’t able to fully concentrate on things like I had planned. I did, however start a new site reviewing various products – but then I got side tracked and didn’t get it to where I wanted to go. I also started working on my first info-product, but again – didn’t finish it. Those are my goals actually for 2012 and I need to get on that product ASAP as I was on a webinar the other night and it was very similar to what I wanted my product to be about – I was totally shocked!!

    I did finally get a LIVE video of myself…I guess that is a good start, huh? I was pretty proud of myself for that one πŸ™‚

    Anyway – best of luck to you this year and looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful products.


    1. Hey Linda,

      Thanks a lot, much appreciated.
      Yeah, it sounds like you need to choose your goal and stick with it until complete.
      I know how hard it is tho, I’m terrible for jumping from project to project!
      The video is a great start, just watched it… I don’t wear makeup either πŸ™‚
      Seriously though, that’s a great start, hope to see more of you in 2012!



  36. Great post Dave, really inspirational that you got so much done. My personal highlight of 2011 was completing my first product. It took about 3 months but I finally got it done and started to make sales. Its the first real money I’ve made online and so my goal for 2012 is to release more products, build my network of partners and of course build a bigger list. Looking forward to a great year…

  37. Hi Dave,
    my highlight of the year was also down to one of your products, after a long time of trying i finally made a sale of your festive blowout product, it was a great feeling & a massive incentive for me to try even harder in the future.
    I have sold some smaller products but this one was definitely my highlight of the year all thanks to you & John.
    All the best mate & i can’t wait to promote your next product lol,
    keep up the good work,

    1. Hey Gaz,

      That’s awesome man, let’s hope it’s the start of many more eh!
      I can’t wait for you to promote my next product either πŸ™‚
      Cheers for the compliments and comments.


  38. My highlight when using FMW2.O ( dont know when it launched, this year? ) Make some kick with adsense . I think the templates is so limited choice even as premier member ( PM) the difference only colors. and niche marketing website offer just 3 choices, ( i choose the copywriting).

    But i keep trying to make it on top. its a month already but. And still got 1.300+ hits as google adsense report. sale? not too strong. i hope FWM more attractive someday. thanks

    1. Hey D Subarna,

      Great that your highlight was using FMW2.
      Maybe you have not explored all the differences in the premier version, there are LOADS more additions.
      However, we are always trying to improve, so if you feel there needs to be more templates I’ll certainly try my best to implement that.
      Thanks for your compliments.



  39. Hey Dave

    My 2011 was a huge turning point for me as after being out of the loop for many years, I decided to give it another go.
    My major discovery was that I was involved in a couple of MLM’s, pardon my language – lol, then I came across some English gentlemen that really struck me as up front, honest hard working guys and Paula :), that seemed to really have a grip on this business of ours. You know who they are; you, John, Lee, Dan, Paula and most recently Marc. ( What a name dropper)
    My next step and the most important I believe was to pay for a mentor. Wow!! That was an eye opener, I didn’t realize things were so accessible. I mean, I didn’t think I would ever have cool graphics, my own sites and especially write a book! (English class was not my best – Physics was my class lol.
    2012 – my plans are to release my first product (not PLR) in January. Then at least one a month after that.
    – Start up a free info website for budding entrepreneurs to use – no charge.
    – Quit my !#@&*%$!@$!!**#$%@$*@ JOB!! – This one i LIKE!!
    – Expand into another niche.
    OMG, now that I write it all out it looks pretty simple but we know its not. Somebody stop my!!
    Anyway, I am looking forward to working with you all in the future and may you have another great year Dave!

    Kelly the Canadian OUT!

    1. Hey Kelly,

      That’s the way girl, stick in and keep fighting πŸ™‚
      Cheers for the compliments, much appreciated!
      Love your 2012 goals, hope you manage to make them in 2012!
      Print them and tick them off when you’ve done each one πŸ™‚



  40. My Highlight of 2011, was finding John Thornhill’s Personal Coaching Program for the amazing price of just 19.99 USD – I’m loving it! – This is JUST WHAT I NEEDED! – I wish I had found this earlier. Many thanks to you both. – Keep up the good work, Kind Regards,
    Mike Cooper

  41. Hi Dave,

    I really enjoyed reading your HIGHLIGHTS OF 2011 and was very encouraging. I wish you, John and all your affiliates and friends all the best and more prosperous year 2012.

    I’m still fairly new on IM and slowly picking up but hoping this year will be a money-making for me and all others enthusiast. I just bought the $197 special One Time offer for websites 2.0 and I hope this will make a difference for me and my family.


  42. Happy new year Dave,
    2011 has been an eye opening year in different aspect especially in my carreer
    Always been skeptical about dabbling into anything involved with online marketing and business.
    Got tonnes of mails from you in the last year and based on all this positive comments and feedback about your work. Although owning a website and other terms may be new to me,this 2012 looking to be part if this amazing network of Internet gurus. πŸ™‚

  43. Hey Dave,

    That’s an awful lot of highlights you had. One of my highlights was changing my blog theme to Heat Map and doubling my adsense income. Another was finally getting a licenced product project finished and online. I started it a long time ago but got sidetracked so it was qute an achievement. Now comes the hard part. Getting traffic to the sales page!

    Happy New Year.

  44. Daniel Gossage.

    After deciding to make a start online. I cancelled two domain names and registered a new one. I started to build my blog. Added a post per day. Applied some SEO techniques that I have learnt over the lastfew months. Meta tags, keywords, sites to ping and only when there is a new post, not an update. Started to list my sites on various search engines and ‘BAM’? Site suspended! Someone had sent phishing emails that were nothing to do with me and they were bouncing back to my web email address by the thousands. Company I host with dragged their feet saying they werelooking in to it. I told them to terminate the account immediately. Moved my hosting account only to be told that I couldn’t move my domain name http://www.danielgossage.com until it has been registered for 60days. So my ‘Highlight of The Year’. Is wasting my christmas, getting suspended, and having my domain name left in, ‘Limbo Land’. Maybe I will fare better in 2012
    All the best,

    1. Hey Daniel,

      Sounds like you were on the right track there before your problems.
      Sometimes things like this happen!
      I hope you can dust yourself off and still keep charging forward in 2012.



  45. I started internet marketing since June 2011 and after spending a lot of money to buy products/software, I have not made a cent. I have no more money to spend, my credit card is maxed out. Where do I begin in 2012?

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