Highlights of 2010 and $100 Gift for YOU!

Hey guys,

So 2010 is nearly over, phew! What a year it has been!
I’m going to run through a few of the highlights of the year for me personally and let you know what I have been up to, just in case you missed something.

Highlights of 2010Take a look at my personal highlights, and as kind of a ‘thank you’ for being a loyal subscriber of mine, and as it’s Christmas, I’m going to give $100 to one lucky person chosen at random from all the people who reply to this post with YOUR personal number 1 highlight of the year!

So just hit reply and let me know your number 1 marketing highlight of 2010 and you’re instantly in the draw for $100 cash.

OK, so here are my personal highlights of 2010:

January 2010 – After the MASSIVE success of our Multi Profit Websites launch late 2009 my good friend John Thornhill launched his VERY successful Masterclass Coaching Program where he took a handful of students and showed them exactly how to succeed online, step by step. The feedback I received from my referrals to this was awesome, so I know for a fact that it was an amazing success. Incidentally, he has a few spots open at the moment if you’re interested.

Then myself and John opened up to the public our Multi Profit Monthly, at first this was a monthly program we offered to Multi Profit Websites customers only, but it was such a great success, that we decided to let everyone in on it. In Multi Profit Monthly each month we reveal what is currently working for us online and provide a ton of content each month to help people succeed. We really enjoy creating the content for this every month, if you’re  a member then you will probably notice this.

February 2010 – My good friend Omar Martin, along with Mike Filsaime and J.I. Starr launched an excellent media product called VoxFlair, it basically provided people with a means to give their media that professional audio touch, we all know how important media it these days, so I thought that was really great.

Also that month I did something for the first time in my marketing career… I teamed up with John Thorhnill to promote an excellent coaching program by Jit Uppal and Adam Spiel called My IM Mentor, me and John wanted to give our subscribers the best possible deal they could get, so we teamed up and created a truly awesome bonus package to complement this.

March 2010 – The first thing that stood out for me in March was John Thornhill’s 72 Hours of Madness sale, it really was an AWESOME package that he put together for people, so as with any great product I compiled another great bonus, I basically offered to create a complete product for anybody who purchased through my link, I also gave resell, and giveaway rights with the product that I created, you can take a look at what I gave people here – No Hype Marketing.

April 2010 – In April I teamed up with John again to create  a product that literally doubles your profit for any Clickbank product, it was called ClickBank Affiliate Master and it basically allows your affiliates to promote multiple products and pages via a single ClickBank account, very important for creating custom ‘special offer’ pages to attract affiliates. We tested this last year with our Multi Profit Websites launch and it literally doubled our profits!

Later that month my good friend Tony Shepherd, along with Tony Newton launched an excellent site called BlogFlipz, this was an excellent system that showed you how to ‘flip’ blogs and make a full time profit from home. This was an excellent product because literally anybody could simply copy it and generate an income from scratch.

At the end of April I was very impressed with The Affiliate Silver Bullet, so impressed in fact that I created yet another awesome bonus for this product that supplies you with ready to go affiliate sales packages every week, making it dead easy for anybody to generate affiliate commissions.

May 2010 – In May I asked YOU in a survey exactly what you wanted, and the results showed me that most of you needed some personal coaching, so that’s exactly what I provided… On May 20th I launched Dave Nicholson Coaching, this was the first time I have ever offered coaching to the general public. I had previously coached students and even other big marketers privately, but never offered this service to everybody. My coaching was an instant success, and it sold out within days! I devoted a lot of my time and resources into my coaching, so I was expecting this to dominate my year! Since the launch I have a few places become available from time to time, if you click my coaching link and see my video then there are places available.

June 2010 – At the start of June, my good friend John Thornhill launched a site called ‘Auto Article Profits‘, this was an excellent report for just $10 that shows you exactly how you can make up to $500 per month for writing just one single article!

Later this month Dean Holland and Adam Spiel launched the excellent Turbo Traffic System that shows you how you can very simply copy their proven methods to generate massive amounts of cash by generating massive amounts of traffic.

At the end of June was the totally awesome Consumer Wealth System, I remember at the time the feedback I got from this was OUTSTANDING and it very quickly shot to number one in Clickbank. I also reviewed it myself, as I do everything I promote and I too thought it was an outstanding product.

July 2010 – The first thing that stood out for me in July was my good friend Lee McIntyre’s Lazy Way To List Building. I’m sure by now you must have worked out that list building is probably THE most important part of marketing online, Lee shows you exactly how to do it the ‘easy’ way in this brilliant system. I would recommend you do this now, not tomorrow!

The next thing that I remember in July was my good friend Omar Martin and Mike Filsaime’s Internet Selling for Newbies, I mean, free Internet Marketing training on CD ROM… You can’t complain about that can you!

August 2010 – August brought us into the mobile phone marketing techniques with the excellent Mobile Monopoly, as more and more people are now surfing and reading emails on mobile phones I thought this was an essential product.

Later that month came Lee McIntyre’s excellent Momentum Marketing System, in this day and age we all want to know how to generate an income online FAST, Lee’s product gives you a proven system to build a  $10,000 per month business in less than 90 days, from scratch!

September 2010 – The start of September brought a complete makeover and MASSIVE feature boost for mine and Daniel Sumner’s PLR Monthly, we REALLY went to town on this to create what we feel is the best PLR resource site in the world, we went to considerable expense to give our members exactly what they asked for… And then some!

Later that month came Auto Blog Samurai, an excellent bit of software that lets you automatically create tiny niche blogs, very handy for additional small income streams! As I reviewed this and thought it was excellent, I offered yet another awesome bonus to my subscribers.

Lastly that month, my good friend Daniel Sumner launched an excellent value for money course called Online Income Advisor. Each month Daniel gives people loads of top quality advice and training for a very low cost.

October 2010 – October was the long awaited return of mine and John Thornhill’s Free Monthly Websites 2.0, we spent a looooong time and a lot of cash updating and improving this to give people the very best we could… for FREE! Yes, we always try our very best to help out as much as we can, so that’s why we give this totally free. We had a lot of fun creating this too, I must give you the video outakes one day! 🙂

November 2010 – The biggest and best thing in November by FAR, for me, was the launch of Internet Internet Lifestyle, this system from Lee McIntyre is so effective and powerful that it’s not surprising that it’s called ‘Instant Internet Lifestyle’, it REALLY is a life changer. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then I strongly suggest you do so.

Later in November Daniel Sumner launched a cracking report called the ‘Big Traffic Guide‘, this was another excellent value for money product.

The last thing in November that stood out to me was a product called DeadBeat Super Affiliate, I loved the way this guy marketed the product with his lazy approach, it was actually an excellent product, and as a bonus it made me laugh!

December 2010 – Well what can I say about December, apart from that it was totally DOMINATED by the AWESOME Affiliate Promo Formula from John Thornhill, if you have not heard about this yet.. Where have you been? John shows you how you can start from scratch with nothing at all, and become a MASSIVE affiliate. The amount of content you get in this is crazy! Definitely John’s best product to date. As usual with any awesome product I offered an awesome bonus for my subscribers worth thousands, obviously it sold out as it was so valuable, but as a special treat for my blog readers ONLY, I am prepared to offer an additional 2 bonuses to the first 2 people who contact me or support at my helpdesk here, and mention you heard about it on my blog.

Remember, if you hit reply and let me know your number 1 marketing highlight of 2010, you’re instantly in the draw for $100 cash, which I will draw out LIVE on camera in January.
You must be able to receive the cash via Paypal, if you cannot and you still wish to enter, I will donate the cash to a deserving charity in your name.

Please make sure you use your best email address when you reply, as I will need to contact you on it if you win!

I hope this post gives you a little insight as to what I’ve been up to this year, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



122 thoughts on “Highlights of 2010 and $100 Gift for YOU!”

  1. Dave,
    It was a tough choice between “Free Monthly Websites” and “Mobile Monopoly”, But I will have to go with “Mobile Monopoly”. Mobile marketing is growing so fast and local businesses are clamoring to get a mobile maketing campaign going, making an almost limitless opportunity for web marketers in their own back yard. I’m looking forward to building my local mobile marketing business so I can retire from my 29 year day job. Thanks for all the great recommendations in 2010. Keep up the outstanding work and Happy New Year.
    Randall Lane

  2. Hi Dave,

    I discovered you late in this year and I love the tips that you share here.
    My highlight of the year was to receive my first adsense check after more than 2 years of working up to it. Now 3 months later I am about to receive another. Getting better by the month.
    I also took a coaching program to help me learn to use my Ebay partner network account to earn a little more money and also to integrate Amazon in there. Now I am working to build out a lot of niche blogs to begin earning some real money from those items.
    Thanks for all you do for us!

  3. Great post Dave, I love the way you have laid the whole year out. Here’s me thinking we had a quiet year but when you list what has been achieved it appears not.

    My highlight was obviously the APF launch but I have massive plans to move into one on one coaching in the New Year as I feel it’s time to help more people on a personal level. I also have plans to launch a new product around the end of January plus update 3 more products before the end of February so I have some busy times ahead.

  4. Hi Dave

    I know how busy you have been this year as I`ve been following you and John for years now, I have bought probucts from both of you and I promote yours and Johns products on my blog.

    Well done on some great launches this year, I love following your methods.

    My first highligths this year was making an affiliate sale from a post on my blog for some free “butterfly marketing templates” with an upsell, only $7 but what a buzz.

    Second highlight was recieving an email from John giving me free access to his butterfly marketing video tutorials worth nearly $500.

    I notices a comment from a guy called Paul who wants to create lots of blogs, my advice would be to upgrade to your free monthly websites and save all that hard work.

    Happy New Year Dave and all the best for 2011.

    Paul Hanna…..

  5. I can’t really tell which one of the listed products is the best because I really haven’t got my hands on any of those and I feel I should be sorry for that. However the list gave me an insight of how much work and effort has to be put in to the business in one year in order to keep business growing or stable at certain point. And the list also saved me a lot of time searching for products that are useful, so thanks a lot for publishing it.


  6. Hi- Dave
    My biggest highlite is the autoblogsamurai. I am still in the process of setting it up but I am positive I can have it on my site and working shortly and enjoy the rewards.
    thanks so much.

  7. Hey guys,

    Sorry I can’t reply individually to all your comments, there are just tooooo many, but I can assure you I have read every single one! I really appreciate all the comments made and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    I’ll make the $100 draw in January, until then, if you have not sent me your number 1 highlight, do it quick!



  8. Hi Dave,
    Great blog to finish of the year. I can only dream of being as successful as you and John. Somethings we can take away from you guys you are so down to earth and not like the so called ‘gurus’. Lots of noise and nothing natural to back it up, but you guys have done the hard yards before us.
    Thanks Margot

  9. My highlight of 2010 is nothing very exciting – more of a personal thing – and that is that I refocused and unsubscribed from tons of newsletters/blogs/email lists (not yours of course!) in order to cut out the distraction that was causing me to hit a wall in my efforts. I’m hoping this will propel me to success in 2011.

    1. Hey Tina,

      Yeah, there’s a fine line between keeping in touch with the marketing world and getting distracted and overloaded, I suggest you unsubscribe all apart from mine 🙂
      Only joking, but you should choose the people you follow wisely, try to get to know them on a personal level, maybe on their blogs, just like you are here.

      Best wishes,


  10. Hi Dave,

    My number 1 personal internet marketing highlight of 2010 was the moment when I realised that I had spend almost all of the year reading, learning and discussing, and almost no time in actual doing. I have decided that 2011 will be different, in fact I’m not waiting until the New Year to ring in these changes, I’ve already started on a new project which I aim to take through to completion.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Stephen,

      Yeah, good point, something that a lot of people can relate to.
      And you’re dead right in starting NOW too, don’t wait until ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next week’!
      Keep up the great work and let me know how you get on.



  11. Hi Dave,
    Great post, who know’s if I had been more proactive during 2010 and taken the right kind of action, then I may have had half the success you have enjoyed. Anyway, always 2011!!. I would say best marketing acheivement was actually acheiving my very first sale, it was for trial membership to Lee Mcintyre’s P&C coaching program. I know you didnt ask for them but other best acheivements were purchasing JT’s affiliate promo formula and third finally getting my act together and getting my first blog started.

    I know 2011 is goiing to be a great year and I wish you all the best.

    1. Thanks Jules 🙂
      It looks like you made some wise choices there, I suggest you give yourself a goal for 2011 and don’t stop until you reach it, don’t make it too easy to reach 🙂
      I’ve actually worked 3 days and nights solid once just to reach a goal… But it was well worth it!
      If you’re struggling with what to actually do, then I suggest you enroll in a coaching program.

      All the best to you too.



  12. Hi Dave, Just wanted to say THANKS you always over provide I bought affiliate promo formula through your link what a super bonus you offered still trying to work through it all. Keep up the great work, have a great new year and no doubt I will be in contact with you soon.
    Happy New Year to all.
    Peter Whatley

  13. Hey Dave,

    Since you coaching program i now have one main highlight for this yr and that’s to build a mailing list of 3000. Over the yr I need to be aiming for at least 8 – 10 new opt ins each day. My business is growing on a daily basis now, so thanks for giving me that head start 🙂

    Kerry Russell

  14. Dave,
    That’s quite a list. Did you sleep? After 6 Weeks in John’s Masterclass, I’m starting to get a glimpse of how to integrate some of these programs as user and marketer. I especially like the Multi Profit Websites. But more on that later. I’m following the program.
    Great work!

  15. Great to see all the amazing work you’ve done… Incredible-just like the size of your list!

    Well done Dave-hope 2011 is even more successful…


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