Create a Brandable PDF for Viral Affiliate Income

Hi guys,

Firstly, let me apologize for my lack of posts recently. I’ve been concentrating on my Coaching and the launch of Free Monthly Websites 2.0, and to be honest, I just did not have enough hours in my day πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m going to try to make it up to you with some great posts that I have planned over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for my emails!

Today, I want to explain about creating a Brandable PDF, I’m even going to show you exactly how to do it in video:

Create a Brandable PDF

So what is a brandable PDF? Well, it’s basically a way for you to allow readers to re-brand certain links within a PDF with their own links. For example, you could let readers brand the document with their affiliate links, giving them a great incentive to share/sell the document and providing additional traffic to your website at the same time.

It’s win, win really, your reader gets an affiliate commission for any sales made from their affiliate links branded in the document, and you get the traffic to your website.

Creating the brandable PDF makes it VERY simple for anyone to brand multiple links within a document in just a few seconds, even if there are hundreds of links that require branding.
That’s the beauty of this method over editing a regular Private Label document, the links are already added and are usually directing to an excellent resource. So in just a few seconds you could have your very own document with hundreds of affiliate links inside.

It’s really easy to create your brandable PDF document if you use an excellent piece of software called Viral PDF, I would highly recommend the ‘Personal Edition’ as it is a lot simpler to create your brandable PDF’s and also a lot simpler for readers to re-brand the PDF’s too. There’s a free 30 day trial on the website if you want to try it, however, if you want to buy it then it’s $47 through clickbank, so you know you will have no problems if you change your mind.

All you need to do is to open up your PDF document with Viral PDF and it will automatically find all the URL’s within it and ask you which ones you would like to make brandable. You don’t need to do anything special to your PDF document at all, as long as you use the ‘Personal Edition’, it does everything for you.

The video shows you exactly how to create a brandable PDF, go watch the video and start making your own brandable PDF’s and hopefully you will start to generate a Viral Affiliate Income.

As usual, please let me know what you think, if you prefer, you can make use of the social sharing options below and above. πŸ™‚
I hope this helps you.

Speak soon,


P.S. If you want to see what a few brandable reports look like then you can enter your details on the right sidebar of the blog and get 4 for free! πŸ™‚

48 thoughts on “Create a Brandable PDF for Viral Affiliate Income”

  1. Sounds like a powerful piece of software Dave. 8)

    I’m in the opposite position to you at the moment. I haven’t got any products, so I have plenty of time for posts and commenting. πŸ˜‰ I can’t make use of this software yet, but I will certainly consider it once I start producing stuff.


    1. Hey John,

      You don’t really need to have a product to utilize brandable pdf’s, you can have the rebrandable links go to any affiliated product and also leave additional links in to your website or blog for additional traffic.
      You can also simply use them as incentive for an optin, like I have done on my blog.
      Cheers for your reply,


  2. Great stuff Dave,

    I can highly recommend this method of viral marketing.

    Creating and distributing brandable content works very well, in fact I still earn income from products I branded way back in 2005, once you get your stuff ‘out there’ there’s no stopping it.

    Excellent post.

    1. Hey John,

      Yeah, that’s a great example there of the viral power of brandable content, I too have branded products that still bring in traffic and sales from years and years ago!

      Cheers mate,


  3. Hi Dave,

    Great post, love the video. I love the viral element of brandable PDFs. Once you create one you can use them time and time again as give-away items, creating link back to your websites.

    List building and affiliate earnings all in one!

    Great vid Dave thanks!


    1. Hey Dan,

      Cheers mate, it’s something that’s soooo simple, yet not utilized by a lot of people, I think mainly because there is a lot of crap branding software out there, it took me quite a while to find the right one that is simple for both creating and rebranding.



  4. Hi Dave,

    Great video, I did a pdf for one of my first products years ago and I still make sales today. I know the main reason is for the free pdf that I give away fro free. This is a great way to create an auto income stream at the push of a button.


    Edson Buchanan

    1. Hey Edson,

      Yeah man, as I said in the video it’s win, win for everyone, giving the pdf away increases the chance of it going viral, which is what we would all love! πŸ™‚
      Anybody else reading this, please make sure you have the rights to give away if you do this, also, make sure you include rights within your download, so others know too.

      Cheers Edson,


  5. Hello Dave, excellent tutorial! I’ve gotten quite a few rebrandable PDF’s as gifts from other marketers and I always appreciate the extra effort they’ve taken to make their free reports as useful as possible to me and others on their list. Thanks for sharing and making the process so clear. Steve D.

    1. Hey Steve,

      I’m happy to help, yeah, the easier you make it for others to share/sell, the more chance you have of spreading it virally.
      Thanks for your compliments!



    1. Hey Vova,

      Yeah, it’s very simple, yet very effective!
      People can spend a lot of time, money and effort trying to find the right software, that’s why I wanted to share this one.



    1. Hey Randy,

      Yeah, there are loads out there and most of them are VERY complicated for creating AND branding the pdf’s this one is sooo simple!

      Good to hear from you mate!



  6. Hi Dave,

    Great video explaining how the whole thing works, it’s definitely another way of killing two birds with the one stone.

    By giving your eBooks away for free with brandable links, this leaves you with another traffic method of getting visitors back to your blog, or where ever it is you want to take them.

    Great post Dave


  7. Hey Dave,

    I have to say, viral marketing is a direction I’m going in at the moment, I have already created =>>, and have started to recuit subscribers from that as well as it being viral!

    I’ve nearly finished my second one too, ‘Ultmate Listbuilding Profits’, I reckon it’s best to get some smaller income streams coming in from viral reports in between full product launches, its boosts the growth of your business, as well as your finances!


    With each viral report I have created info on how to market the report with promotional materials, my book graphics have not got my name on them, it makes the product more universal, but my website URL is at the bottom of each page leading to more eBooks and ‘viral reports’ and promotional materials!

    So, this video in your post is a golden nugget for sure, and its a great way for newbies to get into practice and learn the ropes for product creation and editing PLR material into ‘viral reports’!

    Cheers Dave for the video and the post a lot of people are going to benefit from this….Ed.

  8. Hi Dave,

    This is definitely a great way to go, unfortunately I have just purchased similar software from another company for slightly more than this. I am going to compare the two and see which one works best for me. I will be back to you.

    Another great thing you can do is use good quality PLR reports and insert your own links and use this tool to brand them as your own and sell re-branding rights to the reports. There are plenty of good quality PLR products available to buy which are well worth reworking to make your own and selling the rights to them. If they are good they will bring in a lot of traffic to your site too.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Yes, if you do not have an affiliate program then you can leave links inside the pdf giving you additional traffic.
      Thanks for your comment, any questions are welcome Anne πŸ™‚



  9. Hi Dave, great video and easy to follow.

    I’ve created a few brandable eBooks, if fact i give 5 away free when people sign up to my blog updates, and i use the classic edition.

    Using the classic edition means that i have to enter the brandinging tags within the document before saving it as a PDF (as you probably know Dave). This can be quiet time consuming as sometimes Open Office writer has problems recognising the tags and actually inserts a link back to the document root, so it would not be any good for distribution as the links are to your PC

    I recently had a problem with one link like this and as i was trying to put it right i saw a bloke replacing part of a roof on a house close by. He had finished the roof (about 4 hours work) before i found the solution to the problem, which turned out to be the tag format. I now have 2 sets of tags to chose from if the problem ever happens again.

    The fact that with the personal edition you don’t enter tags at all, simply the URL makes it a much easier tool to work with and could possibly save you hours of time and the frustration that goes with it. When the roofer had finished all i wanted was a few pints to calm down πŸ˜‰

    For the extra $20 i’d have bought this edition if i had known at the time, the hours you save will pay for it.

    One concern though Dave, is the Brandable eBook (using the personal edition) sent as one file, which includes the Branding software? and if so is it in exe format?

    The reason i ask is that a lot of people use MACs and Vista and I think those operating systems can’t use exe. With the classic edition when I send out a brandable eBook I include the Resellers folder, Branding Software, brandable eBook and Branding instructions, which offers an alternative solution to those that can’t run the software, ie Mac and Vista users.

    Great post Dave,


    1. Hey Barry,

      Yeah, I had the same problem with the classic version, it ended up taking far too much time to create, especially if there was a lot of links in the pdf. As you found out watching your neighbour! πŸ™‚

      Yes, once created everything is in one exe file, the brander and the pdf.
      It will work with any windows system, including vista, but it wont work with mac, unless you have a dual boot system like I do on my macs.

      Yes, I agree, make sure you include instructions and any tools needed for people to rebrand your pdf’s, take a look at the ones I give away on my blog and see what I give with them if anybody needs help.

      Cheers for your comments Barry.


  10. Yes I want to get this, it’s on my “To Buy” list for early 2011. The opportunities for giving away quality brandable ebooks are limitless and can only raise your status as a marketer plus of course bringing in a flurry of targeted niche traffic. The most win-win situation online for everyone I think πŸ™‚

  11. Hello Dave,
    I really love you Blogs and they are so informative, you really have got all this sorted. I have just started John’s Masterclass and I am at week 8. Loving it and I hope I will be able to learn to be so professional as you.
    Thanks Margot

  12. Viral PDF fits right in with what I’m doing. But when I went to the sales page, there were no buy buttons. None. Site must be down or being updated or the product is no longer.

  13. Hi Dave,

    Like to say nice blog I like your layout nice work I am getting big into blogging myself getting some good traffic from blogging take a look at my blog I have got one of your affiliates on this blog and like to say merry Christmas and new year to you fantastic information from you in 2010 and hope this continues in the new-year 2011.

    If you think it can be updated in any way please let me know.



  14. Hi Dave,

    I was all set to buy the Personal Edition as recommended by you but the panel I was sent to did not have it as an option. All that I saw was the Classic Edition for $27.

    I thought it may have been on the other side of the panel that you put your email addy into but it wasn’t there either.

    I wanna buy this! But I wanna buy the Personal version, not the Classic one.

    Where is the page with this option Dave?


    Gary Simpson

    1. Hey Gary,

      I got in touch with them and they fixed the problem.
      If you follow my link on this page, then click on the buy button at the bottom, before you enter your email if you click on ‘products’ at the top you will see a complete list of their products, including the ‘personal edition’ which I would recommend.

      Talk soon,


  15. Hi Dave,

    I found a way around it via the site itself. I wanted to buy this through your link so I made sure that your afflink was at the bottom of the CB page before I bought it. There was a problem with the download too (the zip file was empty) and I had to submit a ticket. They fixed it by giving me a manual download link.

    I hope you got credited with the sale. I appreciated your explanation above as I’ve been looking at a rebrander for many weeks and I was pretty confused about the bona-fides of all the different ones out there. You just never know WHAT to believe these days with the tons and tons of garbage and utter crap out there, so I valued your opinion.

    BTW, there are still problems with that site. They are making it difficult to navigate and it still doesn’t match your description above. I’d be an affiliate advocate for them but not with the way the site presents as it is now. It would cause too much hassle and time-wasting for me.


    Gary Simpson

    PS: You shoulda come to Las Vegas with us when Paula Brett went. We had a really good time. The voddie glugger sure enjoyed herself.

    1. Hey Gary,

      Cheers for that mate, I know the site is no good for an affiliate to promote, even though it is on Clickbank, but the product works great and it’s simple to use, so I’d rather my subscribers got the benefit than me πŸ™‚
      I already mentioned to them what they need to do, but they did not act on my advice. It’s a shame because they are losing a lot of possible customers!

      When you going to Vegas?
      Yeah, I saw all the pics from last year, it looked great!



  16. Thanks Dave for the video and for your own brandable stuff! I can’t wait to get your reports and I can’t wait to make my own… Thanks for all your great resources!


  17. Hi Dave,

    Hope you’re doing well today and every other day .Thanks Again I really appreciate these brand able ebook .I was looking for 3 ebook and out of the blue Dave gives me 4 ebook.

    It’s like you knew I need them at this moment. I was looking for something to give to people that would help them out and make some money with no cost.

    You made my day thanks Dave You save the day and I hope I can make some commission also.The Video is great .

    To your continued success

    Zora Blume

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