What’s Inside The PLR Monthly Members Area?

So I have had a load of people asking me exactly just what is inside the PLR Monthly Membership area and basically, is it worth the cost, well I think you know what my answer is going to be here …

… Why don’t you take a look for yourself and make your own mind up!

PLRM Member Tour

I hope this has helped all you people who were a bit unsure to make your minds up.

I would like to add that we set out with this project aiming to give people high quality and excellent value for money, I think we have achieved this already, but we ‘aint gonna stop there!

We will continue to improve and excel in PLR Monthly as I do in everything I produce! 🙂

If you would like to take a look go here:

==> http://www.plrmonthly.com <==

As always, feel free to tell me just what you think.

Later ..


4 thoughts on “What’s Inside The PLR Monthly Members Area?”

  1. Hi Came across the PLR Monthly and your Video –
    #The whole site looks very polished indeed especially the graphics.

    There was one question I wanted to ask – What will be the main area of the PLR products ?
    Will it be the Internet Marketing Niche or – Non IM Niches.

    Also – I can imagine after looking at your site graphics that the PLR products will have great images as well but it would have been great to see maybe one of the pacjages inside?

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your compliments.
    The main area of the plr products was going to be popular ‘general’ niches but our request section has been so popular and people have chosen excellent topics that we are simply providing what our customers want for the near future, there will be 3-4 niches covered every month and we will be improving everything as we go.

    Want to see some examples? No problem, here are examples of this months without the main content included:

    Thanks for your reply Janet,


  3. Hi
    there is nothing in your archive. If I had waitied for 3 months before subscribing, I could have had the first 3 months for free ??

    Instead, I am paying for the first 3 months. Doesnt seem a very good incentive to those prepared to subscribe early

  4. Hey Paul,

    firstly let me say sorry for the slow reply, it’s been a bit manic here over the last week or so!
    The archive is basically for old (previous) months content, the early subscription bonus was the low $27 cost instead of the normal $47 cost. If you waited until later you would have a lot more money to pay and you would be losing out on the BRAND NEW content .
    We also do not allow old customers to re-join until 12 months to further protect our members.

    I hope this helps you.


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