Is Your Online Business Like a 3D Puzzle?

Most people decide to start an online business the wrong way. They start with a product or an idea, slap up a website and sit back to wait for the hordes of traffic to come in.

They shortsightedly see their business in a one dimensional way and so the business flops.

A successful business is like a 3D puzzle that has all of the pieces put in place from every angle.

Level One: Research

There are several questions you must ask before building your business:

1. What niche are you going into?
2. Is there pain in that niche? Are people desperate for a solution and willing to pull out their wallets.
3. Who exactly is your target audience?
a) Male, Female or Both
b) Age group
c) Income Level
d) Education Level
e) Where do they hang out online
4. What are their main concerns? This can be determined by surveying them and getting the answers straight from them.
5. What products are already on the market to help them?
6. Can you create a better product that is better than what is out there or will you market someone else’s products with a great reputation?
7. How much competition is there in the market?

Level Two: Building the Foundation

1. Create a siloed site around the questions and keywords they use
2. Create a product that solves their problems or get permission to market someone else’s products.
3. Create a sales funnel, including sales letters, upsells and downsells
4. Create an autoresponder with follow up messages and a free report for list building
5. Create you social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc….
6. Link your social media accounts to your website
7. Create an IFTT account or syndwire account to syndicate content.
8. Join Forums, groups that these people congregate in and build a relationship before you market to them
9. Form JV alliances, if you are marketing your own product

Level Three: Launch and Market

1. Create Marketing materials for your affiliates and any JV partners
2. Announce your launch, if your own product, on sites like Muncheye
3. Launch
4. Promote on Facebook Twitter, Linked in, Youtube, Forums, etc..
5. Create PPC and Retargeting Campaigns
6. Continue to interact with your target audience, continue building relationships, along with selling your product
That is the basic framework of your 3 Dimensional Business Model. Go through these steps and you will be 90 percent ahead of your competition.

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This is a guest post written by Caterina Christakos.

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