Why Use Resale Rights Products?

OK, so I’ve had a few questions lately from people asking just WHY they should use Resale Rights/PLR Rights  and similar products.

The answer in a nutshell is quite simply because it is really easy for you to do this, with great results as the outcome!

There are, however, a lot more reasons that you should consider using resale rights products.

So as I have been buried in my latest project (which I will be sure to let my subscribers know about before anybody else!) for some time now, I thought I would knock up a little video for you explaining some of the reasons that you SHOULD consider using resale rights products.

At the end of the video I will show you INSIDE what is probably the largest ‘searchable’ database of resale rights products in the world!

It’s called Resale Rights Fortune and you can take a look at it here.

Take a look at the video now, if only to see that I really am STILL ALIVE!

Please also leave a comment so I know you are too!


Don’t forget to check out Socrates’ brand new site called Resale Rights Fortune while it is still massively discounted, it really will save you a LOAD of time and effort!

Talk soon,

Dave Nicholson.

34 thoughts on “Why Use Resale Rights Products?”

  1. Great post. I agree, resale rights and PLR products are one of the most lucrative internet business today. Many people failed and will fail on this, because they do the most common thing, which is to just grab the license and sell it. There are a lot of strategies on how to profit from resale rights and PLR products, you can use that to build your list, alter the content to create articles (make sure you have the license to do so), or giveaway those reports and let people to rebrand it for viral marketing. just always remember to not just edit the content, but the sales letter and the graphics as well, differentiation is the key when selling resale rights and PLR products.


    Gary David

  2. Hey Gary,

    Well said there, you are dead right.
    I think I will make a few videos explaining exactly how to do this, as some people struggle on the ‘editing’ part.

  3. Hello Dave, This is a great little video that has helped me realize the potential of resale rights.
    That website that you showed was also excellent, thanks very much.

    Susan Forent

  4. Hi Dave

    Great video…I can see the sense behind it all, and Socrates has put together an awesome site.

    I use PLR Monthly, well so far have paid and downloaded, just getting ready to resell the first product. I’d look forward to your editing videos.

    Also Dave what’s the difference between MRR, PLR, Resell rights etc….lots of initials but I’m not sure what they all mean.

    Thanks again

  5. Hey Steve,

    Cheers, here is a basic idea of what the different types of resale rights are:

    Resale Rights – These only give you the right to sell the product and nothing else. You can not claim that the product is your own and you can not grant another person resale rights for this product.

    Master Resale Rights – These give you the right to sell the product and also to pass along resale rights of this product to your customers. So you can offer your customers the ability to resell.

    Private Label Rights – These give you the right to edit the product and call it your own, so you can offer any of the above rights with it. This will usually come in the form of a Microsoft Word document or some other word processor format.

    Make sure that there are no additional restrictions with any included rights, especially the PLR rights.

    I’ll get those editing videos done ASAP.

    Talk soon,


  6. Dave,
    Thanks so much for the video and links. This is just what I need to automate my business and you listed so many strategies I didn’t know about. Great to hear from you again, I always learn so much from the information that you share.

  7. Hi Dave
    A realy informative video and comments to the comments. I’ve learnt a lot. I look forward to your new videos. ( or should that be videii, long while since school : ) Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the videos. Really helps to have things explained.

    PLR content looks like an awesome opportunity for building a list fast. It’s such a powerful technique and everything suddenly makes complete sense. I’ll definitely be giving this a go.


  9. Hi Dave

    Thanks for the great post and fantastic video, I had better go back and check up on my various membership and find out which license I have with with product, as I could be missing out on the PLR stuff.

    Have a great life


  10. Hi Dave ,

    I am already a member of this site , and to add to this i`ve just finished going over John`s “resale rights blueprint” TWICE , but i am patencely waiting to implement this blueprint with this resource when i finish masterclass , i have to say between yourself , Daniel ,John, Dan, Paula, Randyand not forgeting Socrates , you guys are a credit to internet marketing simply because YOU CARE!

    Cheers Dave take care and thanks for the reassuring video….John.

  11. I’m a charter member of Resell Rights Fortune and am ver happy with it. Socrates seems quite devoted to having it be the biggest single source or resale material.

  12. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for this video explaining the benefits of Resell Rights – very informative.

    I’m going to sign up to RRF on the basis of this – thanks again.


  13. Hi Dave,

    Excellent blog and content! Wish I could have been where you are already.
    Your info on PLR in the video really gave me insight. Keep it up!

  14. Hi Dave,

    You hit this right on the head. You do have to have time to get away now and again to help balance out your life. I think back on how much time I missed with my dad while growing up. He worked two and three jobs at a time (six kids) just to make ends meet. But he always took time to take us fishing, hunting and camping. These were the best times for all of us.

    Keep Going Green
    Jay Mueller

  15. Dave

    Great post. Resale rights products are great for building businesses and brand online as ready to go off the shelf products which can be easily packaged or used to add value in offers. It is one aspect which I’m adding to my business as an additional revenue stream.


  16. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for making this video and putting the point across so well about resale rights products. This is something i want to get into more now, i actually just bought John Thornhills new Profit frm PLR video series as i want to try and get a couple of products revamped and up for sale on clickbank each month.

  17. Hey Dave,

    Great post! I have been a member of Resale Rights Fortune for several months and it’s so nice to finally have a site where you can filter your search results and quickly locate the types of information products and rights you need in double quick time.

    I have actually just finished a complete Build Your eBiz With Resale Rights snd PLR business package that will help anyone to set up their own online RR and PLR business and I use Socrates Resell Rights Fortune in many of my videos.

    Thanks again!
    Steve Wilkins


  18. This is a great blog you have and more importantly a great and informative post about using Resell Rights Products, I have taught this for a long time and you are very correct in what you are saying

  19. Great post.I have started to use some plr books as gifts in giveaway sites and am looking to do a lot more.Definitely considering some of Socrates’s products.

  20. Dave, it would seem from what you have said here that for a few dollars it is possible to make a handy profit on RR and PLR. Apart from Socrates site, do you have a favourite RR/PLR source?

  21. Nicely, I am new in web marketing. I’m utilizing plr articles but they are not cheap. At present I am on the lookout for a plr article membership website which is able to enable me to obtain plr articles at a month-to-month fee. Please help.

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